5 secrets to making friends with your new neighbors after moving to Baltimore

Relocating is hard and tiresome. It will consume your time, money, and your nerves for sure. You must organize packing, decluttering, and contact the proper moving company in Baltimore. But some people stress more about fitting in and adapting to a new place. And to settle in the right way you should get to know the neighborhood and its inhabitants. So, let us provide a few tips on making friends with your new neighbors after moving in. Your new friends will play a vital role in weeks to come.

Have you covered all the relocation steps?

Hopefully, by now you have covered all moving steps and you are ready for your moving date. In case you haven’t, let us cover quickly all steps you must take to secure a successful relocation. Do the following:

  • Moving checklist – Assemble a moving checklist containing all the moving steps you should cover. This way you won’t forget a thing and you’ll stay up to date with your moving tasks.
  • Calculate your moving budget according to the complexity of your move. Inspect your cargo before you contact your movers for further guidance.
  • Look for a moving company – Go online and browse a bit until you find reliable and affordable movers in Baltimore county. It won’t be too hard as long as they are licensed, have all the tools, equipment, vehicles, and enough experienced moving representatives. Guided by your prerequisites, you’ll find one soon enough.
  • Get estimates – Movers will provide free moving estimates and help you calculate your moving costs precisely. Make sure you utilize this amazing service.
  • Packing process – Organize your packing process in due time. Pack gradually or pack over the weekend. Whatever suits you more. Just make sure you obtain all the packing materials required.

Introduce yourself

After all the moving commotion is settled down, the first thing you want to do is to introduce yourself. Do not expect any of your neighbors to come to your door first. This happens only in movies. Although, some of your neighbors will see this as an opportunity to be a good host and welcome you with a smile on their faces. But in most cases, the first step is on you. You’ll probably meet some of them while moving in and make friends along the way. Maybe they’ll even help you with your move or provide a valuable intel regarding your new home and neighborhood.

A door with a welcome sign on it
You are one doorbell away for a beautiful friendship. Make the first step!

But if this happens, ensure you are following moving day safety rules and regulations. Be mindful of the new environment you are moving to. Keep the noise at a minimum and do not damage anything. Your new friends will appreciate the effort and the fact you are careful and caring. So, making friends with your new neighbors is not as hard as it seems. Simply ring a bell and introduce yourself. At least get to know your next-door neighbor right from the start.

Let’s start making friends with your new neighbors right away!

As we already stated, it is important to figure out at least who is living next door. And we understand that some people just want to settle in in peace and quiet. But if you stumble upon a new neighbor, do not avoid the conversation. Small talk is one of the great ways of making friends with your new neighbors. You never know where the conversation might lead you and it is an opportunity to leave a good impression. Therefore, if you see your neighbor taking out the trash, watering their garden, taking their kid to school, or walking a dog, engage in a conversation. You will invest 5 minutes of your time in something that might be a friendship for a lifetime.

Elderly woman and a child talking
Five minutes of your time won’t hurt you. But it can make a difference when trying to leave the first impression.

Get to know the neighborhood

You should get to know the neighborhood as soon as possible. It is an important weapon you’ll use in all your social encounters. Hence, figure out the location of all the communal spaces, sports centers, hiking trails, BBQ spots, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, etc. Also, all the government facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, and anything else you might be interested in. This way you’ll cover most of the everyday communication with your neighbors. More importantly, in case you want to go out and have some fun, you can recommend a place. It is better to have a basic knowledge from the beginning than being clueless.

After all, you will need this information for you and your family. Your everyday activities depend on it. And we are not sure how you found your new home but if you find a reputable realtor to guide you through the neighborhood, they will provide all the necessary information about it. Use it wisely.

Organizing an event is a great way of making friends with your new neighbors

You will surely organize a going away party but think about organizing a moving-in party as well. It can be any kind of event you desire. You can either gather all your neighbors and take them to a restaurant or simply organize a barbeque in your backyard. Just keep it casual and cool. You can send out an email or invite them face-to-face. And if you are invited to a similar event, make an appearance and meet everyone while having an awesome time.

Organizing an event is a great way of making friends with your new neighbors
Organize a barbecue, picnic, or a night out. Be proactive and engage in fun activities with your new neighbors.

Maybe you know someone already

You never know, maybe you know someone already. Therefore, pull out your yearbook and check on all those friends you haven’t heard from in a while. Then, browse your social networks and figure out who lives in the vicinity. Maybe your old school friends are in the mood for a cup of coffee. Hopefully, they live in the same neighborhood or at least in the same city.

The key to making friends with your new neighbors is to be polite, positive, and to listen. Of course, you want to leave a good impression but make sure you understand each other. You will for sure meet some colorful people along the way. Prepare for an amazing ride and be sure to provide your contact info so they can reach you easily if they need anything in the future. Good luck.