5 self-storage mistakes to avoid

Renting a storage unit has many advantages. When you need to move with Allstate moving and storage Maryland services, or you want to renovate, downsize, etc. Most people do not have enough storage space in their homes. For these reasons and more, you should find a storage unit for yourself. However, this is not enough if you want to protect your items. Putting your items in the storage and locking the door will not do the trick. Therefore, here are the top 5 self-storage mistakes to avoid. You probably know how an old saying goes – learn from others’ mistakes. 

Using newspapers is one of the common self-storage mistakes

People often use newspapers to protect their fragile items. The reason is simple. Newspapers are easy to find, cheap, and effective. However, are they really a good choice for your storage Virginia? Probably not. The reason is the ink. It can smudge and rub off on your items. Instead of protecting your items, you are actually causing damage to them. In addition to this, newspapers will not offer the necessary cushion and support. This is important during transit. Even if your storage unit is only a couple of minutes away, you still need to transport your items. For this reason, you need to pack your items properly. You should use bubble wrapping instead of newspapers. Bubble wrapping will not stain your items and it will add that extra layer of support your items need during the transit. 

a couple of newspapers
You should not use newspapers to wrap your items

Not labeling your boxes  

Labeling your boxes is a must. If you will store a large number of your items, you should stay organized. This is especially important if you plan to use your items quite frequently. Why should you label your boxes? You will save time and time is very valuable. Skipping labels means losing time and making a mess. For example, you need to find one specific item in your storage unit. However, you are sure where you put it. It can be in the first box you see, or it can in the tenth box you open. This is not even the biggest problem. Once you take everything out of the box, you will have a pile of items just lying on the floor. Then, you will have to put everything back in. In order to avoid this nightmare, label your boxes, make a map, and an inventory list. 

Self-storage mistakes – storing your items on the floor 

You should not store your belongings on the floor. The reason is simple. Your items will attract moisture this way. Moisture will cause damage to your items so again, renting a storage unit would be a waste of time and money in this case. Storing furniture or household appliances directly on the floor will cause damage. These pieces are either expensive to repair or replace. For this reason, it is important to store them properly. Use wooden pallets. These pallets will keep your items off the floor. You can also use plastic pallets if you have them. In addition to this, leave some space between your items and the wall. It will allow air to circulate thus keeping your items dry. However, you can also rent a climate-controlled storage unit. As the name suggests, you can control the temperature while in some, the humidity level as well.  

man sitting on pallets
Use wooden pallets to elevate your items

Storing food and hazardous items 

You should never store food or hazardous materials or items. It does not matter if you will use your storage unit for two days or two months. You cannot put the food inside. The reason is simple. It will cause damage and bad smell. The other things you should never store include the following. 

  • Plants – without water and sunlight, plants will die thus causing damage. 
  • Animals – this is given but never leave pets inside the unit. 
  • Hazardous materials – anything that is considered combustible, flammable, toxic, and similar. 

In order to prepare properly, talk to the employees from your storage facility. They should provide a complete list of forbidden items. This list may vary from one facility to another. However, these items mentioned above can be found in every. Do not break any rules and policies. Read your contract and the list thoroughly.   

Not getting insurance 

Having insurance is important. However, most people do not want to pay for insurance as it might be expensive for some. On the other hand, some people feel like it is unnecessary. But you should get one. Most people think about robberies. They believe that the biggest threat to their items must be thieves. However, what about natural forces? Tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods pose a threat to the safety of your items. For this reason, insure your items. You have three choices. Your current insurance might be extended to your storage unit. Then, you can get one from your storage facility. Lastly, you can find a third-party insurance provider. In addition to this, check safety measures. Your items will be well protected if your storage facility has all the important safety measures, such as surveillance, security guard, restricted access, etc.  

people writing on the paper
Do not forget to get insurance for your items

More self-storage mistakes to avoid 

Even though the title says five self-storage mistakes, you are going to get some more. Here are the last ones to consider. 

  • Not having help – setting up your unit is a huge task. Therefore, you should get help, especially when lifting and carrying large and heavy items.  
  • Forgetting to prepare – plan ahead! 
  • Declaring the true value of your items – this is especially important when storing extremely valuable items. 
  • Storing wet items – do not do it. Let them dry completely. 
  • The wrong size – you will either cause damage if you choose a small unit or waste money on a space you are not using. 
  • Bad packing – pack properly. This ensures the longevity of your items.  
  • Stacking without a plan – you will make a mess and probably cause damage. For this reason, make one. 

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