7 low-budget Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween is coming soon! It is a favorite holiday for many people, and if you are here, you are one of those people. You want to make your house look as scary as possible, but, unfortunately, you are on a budget. You have to think of some cool decorations but not spend a lot of money on them. That is why we have created this article. We want to help you decorate your home by listing 7 low-budget Halloween decoration ideas. So, get your supplies from your Baltimore storage unit, you are going to need them if you want to create these decorations. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

dogs in costumes
Your pets can act as scary residents of the house!

Low-budget Halloween decoration idea #1: Googly eyes

This is a great way to create a sense of comical terror in your home! Go to your local Walmart or any other store, and get as many pairs of googly eyes as you can. Then you can take them and put them anywhere you can. A great idea is to put them on your TV, on your cupboard, on your chairs, or anywhere you want basically. Beware, your household items are about to come to life!

#2 Using paper bunting

Have you ever thought how much does paper bunting looks like monster teeth? If you never thought of it, it is revelation time! So, after waving moving services Baltimore goodbye, and unpacking your stuff, it is time to decorate your house with some monsters! Just take the paper bunting, and place it on a wall, and then put paper cutouts of eyes and a nose above it! One of the best low-budget Halloween decoration ideas!

#3 Scary black candles

If you took something and painted it black, it would instantly become scarier. This applies to candles as well. Go and get some black candles, and instead of putting them on candleholders, you put them in glass bottles! You can put them all the way down, or just stick it inside the opening. It is also nice to light them before your guests come, so the wax melts and starts dripping on the bottles. Really scary stuff, almost as scary as your long-distance move was!

Low-budget Halloween decoration ideas #4 Eyeball lights

For this you will need twinkling string lights, ping pong balls, and some colors. Take the ping pong balls and put them on top of the lights, and then paint the bloodshot irises on them.

#5 Blood splattered balloons

Take some white balloons and some red paint, and splatter the “blood” all over them! This will create a really scary atmosphere and it will also make your house appear bigger due to the fact that balloons take up some space!

#6 Dried flowers

Dried flowers can really add to the scary appeal of your house. Take the flowers and hang them upside down a week or two before Halloween, and when the day comes, bundle them in bouquets and put them where you usually put flowers.

dried flowers as low-budget Halloween decoration ideas
Dried flowers look really good in a Halloween home.

The last but least of the low-budget Halloween decoration ideas: Jack-0′-lanterns

There is not much to say about these, they are a classic and one of the best low-budget Halloween decoration ideas!