A guide to housing options for students in Virginia

More than one million students will enroll in one of many Universities in Virginia this year.  While we are only counting new students who are just starting their academic journey in higher education, that is still a lot of people trying to find the best housing options for students in Virginia. And you are probably one of them. To help you find the best housing possible for you, All State Moving and Storage made this guide to make this whole transition easier on you. So let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

What are the preferred housing options for students in Virginia?

There are two types of student housing. The first is on-campus housing that is operated, owned, or in some way affiliated with the college or university. The second type is every other type of student housing. That can range from coed dorms, sorority or fraternity housing, or privately owned apartments for single, married or international students. Both of these housing options for students in Virginia have advantages and disadvantages. However, we are going to talk about it later on.

Red Building On A School Campus in Virginia
There are two main housing options for students in Virginia – off-campus and on-campus.

In Virginia, however, the type of student housing that is most popular and most often chosen by students in off-campus housing. Depending on the college, around 70%-80% of students choose to live off campus, while around less than a third of students choose on-campus housing. For example, Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, which is the university with the highest number of enrolled students, has 84%of students living off campus and only 16% living on campus.

Type of student housing

Now that we know what type of student housing option is the most popular among students, we should look into the good and bad sides to both of them. Before we start on that topic, it is important that you check with your college whether they allow new students who are under the age of 21 to live off campus.  Some colleges don’t allow this, so before you start your search and hire long distance movers Virginia has to offer, it is crucial you have this information.

On campus

What are the benefits of living on-campus, and how to find the right on-campus place? While it isn’t one of the most popular student housing options in Virginia, living on-campus has its benefits.

People hanging out together in a dorm room
One of the main advantages of living in a dorm or on campus is the chance to meet new people and make long-lasting friendships.

Some of the most important benefits are:

  •  Location – having everything close by during your education will mean you will have more time for studying and social life.
  • It is more affordable, and usually, the amenities are free of charge.
  • Always having someone to talk to or hang out with
  • You won’t have to worry about transport to school or maintenance of your living area.

Finding on-campus housing definitely won’t be a hard task. Most universities have all the information you need about on-campus housing on their official websites. You should be wary of two things. Firstly, applying for student on-campus housing usually comes with a deadline. Secondly, some of the places will require you to move out during summer breaks. Of course, with storage units Virginia moving companies have to offer, that won’t be an issue, but it is an important thing to have in mind.

Off-campus student housing options in Virginia

Now since this is probably your preferred option, it’s time to talk about its advantages. Living off-campus gives you a sense of freedom you can’t get in supervised and monitored dorm rooms. Having a real-life experience of living alone can boost your self-esteem and further enable an easier transition into adulthood. Additionally, if you have a rental history, you are more likely to successfully find housing after you graduate. Given that renting has become much harder, this is certainly a big plus. Lastly, privacy and peace while studying is something that is very important during higher education.

Since there is a vast demand for off-campus student housing options in Virginia, you will have a lot of competition. There are many ways you can find off-campus housing. From specialized websites even to online Facebook groups with students attending the same college as you. Some colleges in Virginia do not offer on-campus housing, so this might be your only option.

Some cons to off-campus housing

Certainly, all that freedom and peace come at a cost. Virginia ranks high among states with high average rent. Of course, this depends on which city or town you live in, amenities, and if you have roommates to split the cost. The overall cost of moving in will probably be high no matter if you are hiring Virginia local movers or not. All the same, private housing is usually more expensive than living in dorms. Living off campus also means you might feel more isolated from your peers. Of course, this is unless you have roommates.

White and Black Desk Beside Bed and Window
There are many different options for off-campus housing. However, apartments are the most common.

One of the more important cons is being on your own. For students who are moving across the country and living on their own for the first time, living off campus can be hard. This is because you have to do everything yourself, from chores, like cooking and cleaning, paying the bills, and setting up the Wi-Fi and other amenities that are not provided in the apartment.

Some things to pay attention to when deciding between housing options for students in Virginia

While most students indeed choose to live off campus, that is mainly a thing of preference. Knowing what you need and want is the most important thing when choosing where to live. While choosing to study at one of the best colleges in Virginia is important, you shouldn’t disregard where you will be living either. The main things you should pay attention to when deciding between housing options for students in Virginia are the distance between campus and your home, your budget, the convenience of your living area, and its closeness to transportation and amenities.

Lastly, to have both a fun and productive educational experience, you have to live in the right environment. Choosing the best housing options for students in Virginia will impact your education. So hopefully, you will dedicate the time and consideration it deserves.






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