A guide to storing antiques

If you are moving soon and you have some antiques you need to store, you came to the right place to find out how. Namely, the belongings that are passed down from one generation to another are usually antiques. Therefore, they usually have a sentimental value to the owner. Moreover, many people collect antiques as well. Because they find them more beautiful than industrialized pieces of furniture and things alike. Thus, the true value of antiques lies in their age. Therefore you need to take extra care when storing antiques you have in your possession! If you are moving soon, you definitely need to hire professional movers Baltimore to help you transport and safely store antiques. You need to take special care of them because if they get damaged they will lose their value.

Storing antiques requires preparation

Doing anything without preparations is a bad idea. Because many things can go wrong at any given moment. If that happens you will be in chaos and you will find yourself hopeless. Therefore, make sure that you have a plan before you start. If you are running out of space for storage do not worry! You can always find a Baltimore storage unit for a fair price. Moreover, you need to plan and put every little detail on that list. For example, measure all your antiques before storing them.

a planner
Take a piece of paper and start carefully planning the process of storing antiques

Furthermore, if you are wondering how much your antiques are worth just take them down to your local antique store and get your items appraised. Then you will know their value if you plan to sell them in the future, for example. While you are there make sure to pay and get a certificate of authenticity for your antiques. Additionally, when you do all that take pictures of all your antiques together with your authenticity proof and save them for later. And of course, after you store them make sure to get an insurance plan for them. You can never be too safe with something like antiques.

The place of storage is crucial

After you do all the planning. It is important to find a good place to store your precious items. If you are thinking about storing them in a place like your garage – think again! Because places like garages, attics, or basements are very likely to have pests. Or you might not have air conditioning or ventilation in these places. Thus, the temperature and dirt can damage your antiques. Therefore, it is best to choose other storage solutions that your movers in Baltimore County have to offer! Moreover, you want your storage unit to be climate-controlled and safe. As mentioned already you can never be too careful when storing items of precious value like antiques!

Furthermore, even though you will protect your belongings with insurance. It is crucial that you also check if your storage provider has insurance as well. Together with the protection from pests such as mice, bugs, and other vermin. Moreover,  because they are so priceless you want the best security for your items. Thus, make sure that the storage facility is in a safe neighborhood. Additionally, it is a big plus if the storage unit has security cameras. Then, even if something happens to your stuff you can always find the person at fault.

a mover in the moving van thinking about storing antiques
You can always ask your movers for some help with finding storage units. However, many moving companies offer storage units as well!

How to transport your items

By now, your items are still safe. However, after you choose the storage unit for your antiques. The next step is to transport them into the storage unit. Usually, this is the step where you need to be extra careful. If you are wondering why. You should know that it is because during transport the antiques have the highest chances of incurring damage! Therefore, make sure to hire professional and reliable movers that will safely transport your antiques to your storage unit.

Paying movers to do this instead of trying the “do it yourself” method is much safer. Because, if you move antiques by yourself and something happens your insurance will not cover the damages. However, if something happens while the professional movers move your antiques. The insurance of the moving company will cover it. Therefore, hiring residential movers in Baltimore to move your antiques will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and worry!

Some tips for storing antique furniture

Maybe you are moving to a new modern house. Therefore, there is no room for your antique sofa or closet in your new home. Plus, you need to decorate and furnish your home in one style. However, usually, people do not have that much antique furniture. Thus, make sure to safely store your furniture. So how do you do that? Well, the first thing you need to do is – properly clean it. Deep clean it and put some conditioning products for wood on it and so on. Another thing that is smart to do here is to put a fresh coat of polish on the wooden surfaces of your furniture.

antique furniture
Properly preparing your furniture for storage will preserve its value

Furthermore, make sure that you also wrap up all your antique furniture with bubble wrap before you transport it. Another great tip for storing furniture is to keep it separate from other antiques. Additionally, make sure that there is nothing on top of it in a storage unit. In this way, you will avoid any potential damage from some heavy items that would be on top of your furniture. 

The bottom line

After reading this guide, storing antiques should be much easier. Make sure to hire Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland if you want the best possible experience when it comes to storing and transporting your belongings. Good luck!