Alternative storage ideas worth exploring

Now, even though we’ve got alternative storage ideas for every space and style, we want you to consider one more thing now that you are moving. Before you invest in storage Baltimore, try not to move your entire household with you. Not only moving every single trinket will increase your moving cost, but it’ll also take up much of the very needed space you could have used for better things. We’d love to find a way for you to keep all the items you’ve been keeping since 1989, waiting to find a good use for them, but we think it’s high time you’ve gotten rid of some of them. Declutter your life and make your move much easier. However, when you’re clearing up your space, you don’t have to throw everything away.

A wall fool of books with a green door in the middle
The first thing we suggest to our clients is to install a shelf above your bedroom door. 

There are a lot of ways you can still salvage some of the items you’d like to remove from your life.

When we move, we usually end up with less room than we thought. Well, no worries, you can always purge your house of unused items in four simple ways!

  1. Sell your stuff – earn some additional cash you can put toward your move by selling some of your old or unused things.
  2. Donate – all the alternative storage ideas of the world won’t save your home if you fill it up with piles of stuff you never utilize. Donate the things you no longer need and make someone else happy.
  3. Repurpose – transform your old items into useful things with some magic called repurposing. You can even create additional storage space with a little work. Vintage crates can become new shelves, and old mason jars can be decorations.
  4. Toss – finally, don’t be afraid to throw anything away. In order to free up some crucial space in your new home, you’ll need to learn to let go. So, if it’s not serving a purpose, get rid of it!

Awesome alternative storage ideas that we know work 100%

You can find reliable storage facilities to pack your things for cheap. Or, if you don’t want to part ways with your precious items, you can still create your cool storage in your own home! With our alternative storage ideas, you’ll be able to free up enough space in order to pack everything you want in your new home. Now you’ll be able to start storing them in a cheap and effective way!

When you want to optimize your new living space, you’ll need to use what you have! We’ll make sure every inch of your home is utilized to the maximum. After your movers Howard County MD give you tips for creating alternative storage in your house, there’ll be no empty corners left. You’ll be using the space under each bed and every nook and cranny of your property.

Alternative storage ideas 101: Go vertical

In order to execute all your alternative storage ideas, you can use the vertical line of your home to your advantage. Stack things on top of each other all the way to the ceiling. It’s a great way to utilize space and create stylish storage solutions.

You can make a huge number of these solutions yourself. Most of our alternative storage ideas are easy to build and they don’t require a lot of materials. With a hammer and some plywood, you can make a lot of creative and useful storage solutions:

  • Shelves are some of the best alternative storage ideas! There is such a vast array of different shelving options, we wouldn’t know where to start recommending our favorite style. Metal, wooden, geometric, asymmetrical… This beautiful list is truly endless! Just take your pick!
  • Hidden appliances – Hide your whole kitchen by creating a full wall of storage cabinets to fully maximize a wall in your home. Plus it looks phenomenal. You can do it in any room. It would look like just another empty wall which adds to the illusion of space. And behind it, you could have full cupboards of your stuff!
  • Stairs can be your wonderful indoor storage unit! You can use them as a creative bookshelf or transform it into a chest of drawers.
Baby clothes on a dresser
A good way to create more space is to learn different ways of folding. There are plenty of clever ways to fold your clothes in order to maximize space inside your drawers.

Use a few trunks for alternative storage ideas

Store things like cables or beddings in trunks that you will strategically place around your home. They could have a double use as coffee tables. Or you could stack trunks on top of each other for a unique look. Label each trunk in some creative way so that you know what’s inside. This will make it much easier to find your items without rummaging through them. Apart from this, trunks can bring some unique style to your room and you can use the space inside them to put away your winter clothes. If you get a few trunks, you can use them as chairs, just put some cute cushions on them.

Additionally, if you frequently have guests stay over, but you live in a city which makes having a separate guest room impractical, our solution brings us back to the idea of bringing a nice sized vintage trunk in the room. Place the trunk in the room that you would convert to your ‘guest room’. It should hold all the pillows, blankets, and sheets that you will use for your guests. This attractive piece of furniture will also double as a quick seat when it’s closed.

A headboard with alternative storage ideas
You can utilize your headboard for example. With a simple DIY, it can turn into storage for books, your laptop or even a charging station.

The living room is a perfect place for a bit of storage

Most of the time you’d think of a chair, it is a simple piece of furniture, a place to sit. However, if you want to maximize the space in your house or apartment, you are going to have to think outside of the box. That’s where our alternative storage ideas come into play. We want you to think about chairs, sofas, and ottomans as in-home storage alternatives. A simple chair can have a cupboard underneath the seat or a shelf. Ottomans with a depository hidden inside have become extremely popular lately. It’s also an easy and fun project to do yourself which ends up very useful and an anecdote among family members.