Attending college in D.C. – pros and cons

When you start attending college in Washington, D.C., you’re imminently signing up for all the politics that this city is emersed in. When you start attending college in D.C. you will emerge in fiery debates, protests, and marches. During your four years there, it will be hard not to get behind a movement worth fighting for. One of the most experienced local movers Washington DC has to offer can help you with the pros and cons of living in D.C. during your college years. Is this type of environment really for you? You will have to start by adapting to a historically rich, yet urban landscape. We will help you by listing the pros and cons of the Washington lifestyle. That way you can easily weigh your options before relocating to the capital.

The pros of attending college in D.C.

When it comes to choosing your academic home for the next four years, there are many issues to take into account. Besides the school itself, one of the most important things to think about is the area surrounding it. You should know what is in your immediate area, both in regards to business connections and entertainment. You will love attending college in D.C., but there will be times when you want to get out of the campus and explore.

Gallaudet University
Pros of studying in D.C. include an energetic atmosphere and historical and cultural sites. There are many exciting opportunities for internships, jobs, and universities to choose from.

1. Accessibility of your campus

Washington has great transportation options in and around the city. The Metro and bus systems can get you to almost anywhere in the city. If you want to spend an afternoon in one of the Smithsonian museums or go to Georgetown for an amazing cupcake, public transportation is easily accessible. However, If you’re staying out late, just be sure to plan your transportation in advance. The Metro and buses aren’t in service all night!
The Metro and bus routes extend a little bit beyond the city limits. Also, many nearby colleges, apartment complexes, and hotels provide shuttle buses to the nearest stop. In addition, many counties near DC have their own bus systems. This intricate transportation system will make moving around the city manageable, reliable, and affordable.

2. Opportunity is everything in the 21st century

D.C. is a very competitive and career-oriented city. While attending college in D.C., you will find great internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities in many fields. As D.C. is home to the United States government — you can even find yourself interning on Capitol Hill. Or if you dream about working for the Environmental Protection Agency, you’re in the right place.

3. History and Culture

DC is also a great place to commemorate and appreciate the past. While attending college in D.C. you will have the opportunity to visit the place where Dr Martin Luther King‘s gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. Or the place where 20 million people met for the first ever Earth Day! There are monuments abound, museums galore. The crown jewels that are the Library of Congress, and the White House — are at your fingertips.

Network while attending college in D.C.
Network your way up the career ladder. DC is the place to be when it comes to business connections!

4. Networking

Networking is key to success. And there are few places more fertile for nurturing your networking endeavours than Washington D.C. If you want to get inspired by business pioneers, meet nonprofit leaders, or study under microbiologists, you can find some of the most important and brilliant field leaders in this city.

5. Vibrant social scene absorbs you while attending college in D.C.

Apart from professional opportunities such as networking to support your career while attending college in Washington D.C., it is also a great place to meet new friends and even find free things to do. During the year there are a number of festivals that takes place in the centre, from movies on the Washington Mall to yoga to concerts. There are also incredible places to eat and venues to explore.

6. Diversity

With so many diverse cultures, histories, and belief systems all crossing paths in this area, you will emerge in a city that offers varying ways of thought. We should not forget to underline the dozens of ethnic restaurants for you to explore in your new neighbourhood. No matter where you will be attending college in D.C., you will find advantages and opportunities. But if you are aware of these wonderful opportunities, you will be able to make the right choice for you — and tap into the endless possibilities during your college career.

The cons of attending college in D.C.

Like any other big city, the US capital has its flaws as well. However, you will be happy to see that this list is far shorter than the list of positive aspects when going to study in Washington D.C.

1. Cost of living

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of attending college in D.C. for you could be the cost of living. There are many Washington D.C. areas that offer some attractive housing options. But, very few of those options will be on a budget. Students can expect to spend between $1700 and $3000 on housing, which will, of course, vary depending on the square footage and location of the apartment. If you are moving to DC anyway, consider using storage Washington DC on this journey. Take into account the utilities, food, and public transportation are pricy and add up quickly on a student budget. When you add that to the average cost of college fee, which is usually around $30, 000, this can be an extremely prohibitive factor for students.

Aerial view of Washington
Some of the cons of attending college in D.C. include the high cost of living and the challenges of navigating heavy traffic during peak travel times.

2. Traffic and travel could drive you mad while attending college in D.C.

Like with most major cities, D.C. residents have to plan for major traffic jams when making plans to travel. While public transportation is great for avoiding the worst rush hours, metro and bus lines can become challenges of their own. After you find your affordable Washington neighbourhood and become familiar with the general pattern of traffic, you will eventually find it relatively easy, if not even convenient to use. In D.C., most university campuses are walkable or accessible via metro or bus. Coming in from outside the city takes more planning, and students may struggle to coordinate travel and classes if lessons are scheduled near peak traffic times.

All in all, when attending college in D.C. you get some unique academic opportunities and an exciting, lively cultural setting full of attractions and events.