Average cost of moving from NYC to Maryland

Are you planning your next move? Then, you have many things to consider. First, should you hire professional movers or not? Well, if you plan to move long-distance, then it is easier to hire professionals. It is extremely exhausting and demanding to move to another state. However, this might be an expensive option. Still, it is better than doing a DIY move. In order to prepare well, here is the average cost of moving from NYC to Maryland. Mind you, your price will depend on many variables.  

grey building in Baltimore
Moving to Baltimore in Maryland from NYC can be expensive

Average moving cost 

Usually, the average moving cost for an interstate move is around $4,900 if you are moving 7,400 pounds worth of items and with a distance of 1,225 miles. This seems pretty expensive. That is because it is more expensive to move long-distance than locally. Local movers charge per hour while interstate movers charge based on the weight of your shipment. Therefore, distance does not play a huge role in forming your price. The weight of your items that will pass the state borders, matters the most in this case. Therefore, prepare your budget on time. You will spend a couple of thousands of dollars. There are a couple of ways to save on your move, for example, hiring affordable moving services Baltimore. The other ways will be mentioned in the rest of the article so make sure to read it. 

Moving from NYC to Maryland – how to determine your moving costs 

When you need to calculate your moving costs, pay attention to the following factors. 

  • The weight of your items – the more items you have, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, make sure to declutter your home before the move. You should not bring all the items, especially the ones that are easy to replace.  
  • The distance from your old state to your destination state – even though the distance is not as important as the weight of your shipment, it still affects your overall cost. If you are moving from NYC to Maryland, moving expenses will be smaller than moving from Florida to Massachusetts. 
  • Labor costs – this depends on your state. See how much movers Baltimore charge their moving services. 

In order to find out the exact price, you should contact movers and get moving quotes. They can tell you the cost of your move.  

two people calculating average cost of moving from NYC to Maryland on their laptops
Write down all the things that can affect your moving cost

Aspects of your move to consider 

Some other aspects of your relocation can affect the overall cost of your move. First, consider your packing options. You can either hire professional packers or pack your items by yourself. Professional packers usually charge a couple of hundreds of dollars for their services. Therefore, see if this fits into your budget. Next, think about travel fees. You will most likely for fuel. The greater the distance, the bigger fees are. In addition to this, do not forget about your travel plans. Next, consider moving insurance. Interstate movers are required to offer Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection. Full value covers the full value of your shipment while Released value only covers 60 cents per pound. You can also get third-party insurance if you are moving valuable items. Lastly, there is storage. Storage services are calculated as additional fees.  

Moving from NYC to Maryland – things to be aware of 

As mentioned before, movers are required by Federal law to offer moving insurance. However, just because they offer, it does not mean they will reimburse for the damage. For this reason, pay attention to the moving contract. See if you can detailed instructions in case of damage or missing items. Next, pay attention to subcontractors. Some moving companies might outsource certain aspects of the move to subcontractors. You should not hire a moving company that uses subcontractors as this can cause additional fees. Lastly, avoid moving scams. If you hire reputable movers, you will save money. All interstate movers need to have a license issued by the FMSCA. Ask movers about the U.S. DOT number and search that number on the website of the FMSCA. You can also check ratings and reviews on the official websites of the Better Business Bureau. 

How to reduce your moving costs 

As mentioned, there are ways to reduce your moving costs. First, you can join AAA. People with AAA membership can receive discounts. Next, you can pack yourself. In addition to this, you can also gather packing supplies. Get moving boxes from local stores, offices, online, etc. You do not have to buy moving boxes. Also, you can use old clothes, sheets, and blankets to protect your items. Next, choose the right moving date. Moving during the summer is expensive. Due to high demand, you will a hard time finding a reliable moving company. It is almost impossible to find affordable movers in the summer. However, during the late fall and wither, you have countless choices. You can even get a discount. Lastly, do a huge spring cleaning. As mentioned, you need to declutter your home and make your shipment smaller in order to save money. 

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You can reduce moving costs even when moving long-distance

Moving from NYC to Maryland with good interstate movers 

Lastly, you should find a good moving company when moving from NYC to Maryland. Here is how. 

  • Where to find movers – ask your family and friends, search online, use your social media accounts, etc. 
  • Visit official websites – make sure your potential moving companies are offering long-distance moving services. 
  • Check credentials – read moving reviews, check the license, and their track record. 
  • Compare moving quotes – compare three to five moving quotes and pick the most affordable but not the lowest! This could be very suspicious. 
  • Professionalism – check if movers have their moving trucks, uniform, packing, and moving equipment. 
  • Moving contract – make sure to read your moving contract carefully. Do not sign half-empty contracts. Make sure that all services are included as well as your final price.  

If you follow these steps, you will not hire fraudulent movers and save your money. 

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