Benefits of using portable storage containers

When you decide to move there are a lot of things you need to worry about. Packing everything up can be a really big hassle. That is why you need to find some good ways to do it efficiently. One of the best ways you can pack efficiently is to get portable storage containers. This article will be about the benefits of using portable storage containers. So, before you call moving and storage Baltimore, make sure to learn everything you can about one of the best ways to pack your belongings for the move. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Portable storage containers, what are they?

When you hear portable storage containers, what do you think of first? You probably think of a container that can be used to pack everything and ship it safely to another location. It is also a great short terms storage solution if you do not have enough budget to get one of the storage units Washington DC. You can put it in your back yard and get the items whenever you want.

storage facility
A portable storage container is a much better option than a storage unit.

There is an increasing trend of using this kind of containers. More and more people decide to buy or rent them because of their many benefits. Durable, sturdy, and water-resistant. What more do you need? Another huge benefit to using these containers is that you do not have to be bound by a schedule of your long-distance moving company. You can decide when to move and pack when it fits you the most.

Companies that deal with renting portable storage containers will usually deliver it to the address of your choosing. When you are finished packing, call them and they will be able to tell you when they will be able to move it. It is usually within a week of your phone call.

Portable storage containers allow for accessibility

We have already mentioned that the companies that deal with containers are going to ship the container to you. This means that you can take your time to pack everything nicely. You can get all the boxes you need from U-Haul and it is wise to get different sized boxes. This will maximize the efficiency of your container by a huge margin. This is because you can use the “Tetris” technique to pack everything. The “Tetris” technique means that you will be able to put the bigger and bulkier boxes on the bottom, and the lighter and smaller ones on top. You can also fill in the holes made by stacking by putting the small boxes in the holes. This will also make the unpacking process a lot easier because you will be able to organize everything in a way that will fit you the most.

How can a storage container help with packing?

The storage container being in your own backyard will make the whole packing and moving process much easier. Call your residential moving company and get a moving date. This is only the case if you do not want to rent a moving truck and drive yourself. If you do, go ahead! If not, call a moving company, and schedule your move. Then you can start packing slowly knowing when you have to finish and move. Takes the pressure off you because you know you will not need to pay for packing services, and let others deal with your belongings without knowing the best way to handle them.

Portable storage container sizes

Another benefit of using portable storage containers is that you can choose the size that fits you most. They come in many different shapes and sizes so you should measure your belongings and boxes so you know which one to get. The biggest container you can get is a 16x8x8 foot one and you can basically pack your whole house inside. You can even pack your hot tub inside one of these! Other than that, there are 12-foot containers and 7-foot containers. Create your perfect packing and the moving process by using one of these. They make everything seem like a breeze.

portable shipping containers sizes
There are all shapes and sizes of portable containers.

They offer great protection

One of the main benefits of portable storage containers is that they offer a great deal of security to your items. They are made from reinforced steel and they are usually used for shipping via sea. You know how a freight ship looks like with hundreds of storage containers on them. Well, they are all probably filled to the brink and the ones on the bottom still manage to hold. That is the security you will get when using a storage container. Another thing is that they will protect your belongings from extreme weather such as scorching heat or freezing cold. If you are scared when it comes to extreme temperatures, there are some types of containers that offer temperature control, so consider renting one of these.

stacked storage containers
The containers are very sturdy. No need to worry about your items!

Security from theft

Reliable moving and storage companies know what their customers want the most. And they usually deliver. They offer storage containers that offer all of the things we have mentioned already, and even more. Security is in the “even more” department. These containers have a locking system that is very well designed and can be opened only with a special kind of key. The great thing is that you are the only one that gets this key. Not even the storage company you rented the container from has a key for your storage unit.


So, this should probably be enough to convince you to rent a portable storage container. The ability to pack everything by yourself, the security and safety for your items are one of the most important things in a move. Add the ability to choose the perfect size of the container to all of that, and you have the winning combination. Many moving companies recommend using containers because they too wish to transport your goods safely. With all that said, good luck with your move!