Best Baltimore neighborhoods for families

Consider moving to Baltimore! Are you a fan of the popular television show The Wire? Or maybe a young professional and entrepreneur looking for dream jobs in Maryland? No matter the reason, moving to Baltimore can’t be a bad choice. If you’re moving with your family, you surely want to know that Baltimore has over 250 neighborhoods, and is called a “city of neighborhoods.”  Although Baltimore is a city with a soul, and long history, every person has its own wishes and habits.

So, you must be wondering what are the best Baltimore neighborhoods for families? We have created a list of the most popular areas in Baltimore among families. Take a look and see what suits your family the most. If you’re already moving to Baltimore, Long distance movers Baltimore will ease your relocation and let you enjoy your moving with family without stress.

best baltimore neighborhoods for families
Homeland owns a very low rate of crime. It is among the best Baltimore neighborhoods for families!

Best Baltimore neighborhoods for families Riverside: 

When going with internet review as they are the closest thing for real impressions of some neighborhoods. And when it comes to Riverside, you are gonna see that it is a highly friendly neighborhood located in southwest Baltimore, Mayland with a population of around 10 thousand. When checking reviews you see that it worth looking up more. Riverside is definitely one of the great districts of Maryland to start a family. Point to make is that here it is better to own a property than to rent it. Moreover, before settling in your home learn some unpacking tips. And Riverside is all about that urban lifestyle and biggest pros are that it’s liberal and friendly. So if you seek a proper place to reside with your family, Riverside is worth checking for sure. So look it up!  

When it comes to the best Baltimore neighborhoods for families! 

A definite stand out among neighborhoods with a low amount of residents Locust Point is worth looking up! Popular neighborhood in South Baltimore and surrounded by the Industrial area. Once it was an area for most of the Polish-Americans, Irish-American and Italian-American communities. The population is just above 3 thousand and on the bright side, most people own homes here as the cost is low. With 3 thousand people commute anywhere is the absolute minimum. Quick reminder, do not forget insurance. And there are things to know about moving insurance. And with that in mind, it is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Baltimore. With many friendly people, you are sure to become a part of the community with ease. Moreover, it is not just a small boring town, as it owns a multi-purpose park that entire neighborhood can enjoy! So look it up!  

baltimore harbor
Inner Harbor is a little bit costly than other areas in Baltimore but offers amazing housing offers for families.

 How about Federal Hill 

Federal Hill area is one of the best Baltimore neighborhoods for families. Even if some would say that Federal Hill is the best for young professionals and entrepreneurs, this is a great place for all. This area is within walking distance of the Inner Harbor and Downtown, which means you can live in a middle of urban and peaceful areas. And also it will be easy to walk to work or to a pro-sporting event. 

Federal Hill has a population of 7, 860, where rent is Average Rent: $1,851, while median household income is $103,456. This area has a prime location, and it’s surrounded by many landmarks, schools, restaurants, museums, and other interesting attractions. You can see beautiful views with your family from the city’s park and young residents really enjoy spending time at The Book Escape, a store with tons of various books and extended evening working hours.  

Baltimore stadium
Baltimore might just be what you need to kick start a better portion of your family life!

Canton perhaps?

If you’re looking for the best Baltimore neighborhoods for families, you will have to check Canton. Canton represents the very top when it comes to neighborhoods in Baltimore, with a population of 14,025, and where the average rent is $1,724. This is considered a great area for those who want to start a family down the line. It is located east of Fell’s Point, and it is known as a very friendly and peaceful area.

Many actors, artists, and entrepreneurs live there. This area is also known for its waterfront – Canton Waterfront Parkwhich gives amazing city views of the harbor. This park is adored by families because it offers many recreational activities for outdoor-loving people, and it has green spaces and trails for jogging, biking , and bench for resting. During summer, there is a popular Baltimore’s Seafood Festival. If you’re considering to hire a professional moving company, see moving companies in Maryland. 

panoramic view of baltimore
Make your neighborhood pick with great care and it will be a proper home for you and your family!

Lastly Hampden

More among the Best Baltimore neighborhoods for families. Hampden is more community-oriented area, and offer a mix of the peaceful and urban way of living. It is located Baltimore’s northwest with a population of 7,902 and an average rent of $1,130. Although some call Hampden epicenter of hipster Baltimore kitsch.” this area is truly amazing and friendly. This area is only 10 minutes away from the city’s center and Every September there is HampdenFest, which features music and art exhibits, local food and drink, a film festival. Residents are creating a strong community bond and you will feel well-welcomed with your family.

Hopefully, some of these neighborhoods might just be a proper start to a new life with your family. Moreover, no matter the choice of your relocation destination this article is there to push you into the right direction. In order, so you can create more fond memories alongside your family and new friends!