Best Places to Visit in Owings Mills

Owings Mills, Maryland, is a historic mill town just minutes from downtown Baltimore. This picturesque suburb, formerly an obscure mill town noted for grinding flour, manufacturing grist, and creating plaster from limestone, is now the core of busy Baltimore County. But there are many more places to visit in Owings Mills. You’ll love these places so much that you’ll move with movers Owings Mills MD and become a fellow citizen. Keep reading to find out what are the best places in Owings Mills.

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Owings Mills?

Owings Mills offers many wonderful places for you to visit. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay for a couple of days or move there permanently, you will find something for yourself. You should visit:

  • Soldier’s Delight Natural Environment Area
  • Cylburn Arboretum
  • The work of Art
  • Irvine Nature Center
  • Signature Landmark
  • BWI Shuttles
Chicken in the field in one of the places to visit in Owings Mills
From mid-November until the end of January, bowhunting is authorized

Soldier’s Delight Natural Environment Area

Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area is in Baltimore County, Maryland, near Owings Mills. There are 1,526 acres of Maryland Wildland and 1,900 lands of Natural Environment Area. The Maryland Wildlands Preservation System includes Soldier’s Delight. The property preserves uncommon serpentine soil as well as more than 39 rare, vulnerable, or endangered plant, insect, rock, and mineral species.

Seven miles of walking paths are available for walkers, but none for bikers or horseback riders. On Saturdays, there is a visitor center that provides environmental education, displays the cultural and natural history of the region, and a treasure hunt. Whether you are looking for places to visit in Owings Mills, or want to move with movers in Baltimore County, you won’t make a mistake. In this city, there is everything to visit and see. Everywhere you look, there are amazing things.

Cylburn Arboretum

Founded late in the 1800s as a private residence and garden, Cylburn Arboretum has grown to have 200 acres of trees and plants. And the town of Baltimore bought it in 1942, and it became an official arboretum in 1982. No wonder people are moving here with moving companies in Maryland, to enjoy the view that this place offers them. Above all, there are other events including camps for youngsters and yoga for adults. And an annual Market Day festival where you may buy plants, jewelry, art, and other items.

The Work of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art, founded over 100 years ago, ties painting to Baltimore and Baltimore to the world. Exhibiting a dedication to aesthetic quality and social fairness in every choice from art display, to analysis. The Baltimore Institution of Art’s steadfast aim to be the relevant publically involved museum in the United States is bold, gutsy, and important. You won’t have time to visit all the destinations that this city has to offer. Many decide to move with local movers MD, as the city is beautiful and fantastic.

Woman looking at art
Among the places to visit in Owings Mills are artworks.

Take a tour around the sculpture gardens, which feature 33 works spread across approximately 3 lush acres. Linger along the walkway for a deeper inspection at both tall and smaller-scale pieces of modernist sculpture developed in the previous century.

Irvine Nature Center

The Center has indoor and outdoor classrooms, an amphitheater, and trails. And, it’s famous for green weddings. In addition, there are a Nature Preschool and summer camps. In 1975, Olivia Irvine Dodge started the Irvine Nature Center. It was formerly housed in an old barn on the St. Timothy’s School grounds in Stevenson, Maryland. Its purpose was to educate kids about the planet’s vulnerability. The purpose of the area’s sole private, non-profit nature park is to inspire and teach young people to appreciate and conserve nature.

Signature Landmark

Federal Hill Park, located near the Inner Harbor, is a notable landmark. It has one of the nicest vistas in town. And the park has Civil War guns that were deployed at Fort Federal Hill during the Civil War. A children’s playground includes small historic icons to play on, such as ships and trains. Benches, picnic spaces, and extensive green space enable visitors to enjoy the scenery.

BWI Shuttles

BWI Shuttles strives for total perfection in care, dependability, and service, as well as the maximum and most experienced transport services in Owning Mills, Maryland, and neighboring locations. For the last eight years, BWI Shuttles has been handling all ground transportation needs in the region, including business, airport, and rail transportation, groups, meetings, conferences, and special events like weddings, sports, big events, proms, and nights out. And, they provide a diverse choice of automobiles for each event and travel requirement.

More places in Owings Mills Worth Visiting

Birdwatching is a favorite activity in Villa Nova Park among locals. In the nineteenth century, Oregon Ridge Nature Center also mined iron ore and marble. Sagamore Farm has a lengthy history of involvement with thoroughbred racing. And, Liberty Reservoir offers many outdoor activities. Above all, the Tillery Restaurant & Bar combines the finest of the surrounding countryside with a contemporary and discreet dining experience. And there is Granny’s Restaurant which is a friendly and cozily elegant locale for families.

Times Square Kitchen serves pizza by the slice, sandwiches, and create-your-own salads. There is wine and beer! With Maker’s Mark bourbon, honey syrup, orange bitters, and a honey stir stick, Kara’s Old Fashioned is a whiskey connoisseur’s dream. Also, the freshest vegetables of the season are paired with quality cuts of beef in our specials.

Person holding a meal
This place has to offer meals that are beyond fine.

A jogging trail runs beside Quarry Lake in the neighboring Blue Stone Park in Baltimore. Additionally, it has places to sit and a big number of spots to take in the serene surroundings. Many times visitors to this quaint park bring meals. You can say, that they bring meals for the lake’s ducks and geese.

Many Offers of Places in Owings Mills

As you can see, there are many natural wonders around Baltimore. Parks in and around Owings Mills, MD, provide a variety of activities ranging from historic to hiking, bird viewing to picnics. Also, upmarket retail and art institutions are within a short walk of Downtown Baltimore. However, there is a gourmet paradise right in the heart of Owings Mills Metro Centre. You have places to visit in Owings Mills, whether you are visiting or deciding to reside there.

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