Best suburbs for young families in Maryland

When you are moving with children, it is extremely important to find a suitable city to raise your family. Why is this important? Children deserve to have a safe space where they can play outside rather than staring at a computer screen every day for a couple of hours. In order to develop into healthy adults, children have to be physically active. If you live in one of the best suburbs for young families in Maryland that has parks and playgrounds, you can send your child to play with their friends. 

If you still do not know where to live next, Maryland might be the perfect place for you. It has safe and perfect suburbs for young families with children. In addition to this, it also has moving companies in Maryland that can help you with your relocation. In order to avoid a stressful move, you should hire professionals for the job. Luckily, Maryland has one of the best. Here are 10 of the suburbs or small cities to consider for your next home. 

small town
Maryland has many beautiful small towns

The best 5 suburbs for young families in Maryland 

You need to pick one town for your new family before you go and book movers Ellicott City MD. For this reason, here is a list for you. The first one would be La Plata. It is a small city next to Arlington with almost 10,000 living here. It is usually better to live in a smaller city when raising children as they are safer than large cities. Next is Glenarden. The population is around 6,000. The closest city is Washington. Almost 40% of people living here have a family. 

Frederick is the next city on the list. It is a lot bigger than the previous two with 70,000 people living here. In addition to this, the closest major city is also Arlington. Takoma Park is also on the list with 17,000 residents. The last town, for now, is Annapolis with 39,000 residents and having Baltimore as the closest large city. You can always commute to a bigger city for work if you cannot find a suitable job in your smaller town. 

Best suburbs for young families in Maryland so your kids can play outside
Children should play outside with their friends

The best five small towns on the list 

Here are the last five best suburbs for young families in Maryland. 

  • New Carrollton – with almost 13,000 residents, it is a perfect town for families. It is close to Washington. 
  • Bowie – a little bit bigger city on the second part of the list. It has almost 59,000 residents. In addition to this, Washington is the closest city. More than 30% of households have children. 
  • Hagerstown – also a bit bigger with 40,000 residents. Arlington is the large city in its vicinity. 
  • Taneytown – now onto the small city with only 6,000 residents. In addition to this, more than 35% of households have children which makes this town perfect for raising a family. The closest big city is Baltimore. 
  • Brunswick – the last town on the list with only 6,000 residents as well. However, here, more than 40% of households have kids. The large city is Arlington in the vicinity.