Best suburbs in Virginia in 2022

If you have decided to move to Virginia in 2022, congratulations! You have made the right decision, This year, Virginia is a paradise for people who are changing their place of residence, especially for renters. The first step is to find the city where you want to move to. Then, you need to choose between one of the best suburbs in Virginia in 2022. Of course, all of that is just the beginning and you will have to do a lot of research. But, once you decide and the preparations start, it will be much easier. Especially when you find one of the most reliable moving companies, such as All State Moving and Storage, to help you with your relocation. And we are here to help you choose between the neighborhoods.

Virginia is one of the favorite destinations in 2022

One of the reasons why people tend to choose to live in Virginia more and more is its community. This is one of the friendliest states in the USA, and that means a lot when you are new somewhere. In addition to that, Virginia is great if you are moving with your family, especially if you are coming from another state and you need to hire long distance movers Virginia to assist you with your relocation. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it is one of the safest states. The military is often present there.

Suburban homes
There are many great suburbs in Virginia in 2022

In addition to that, the job market is thriving. The unemployment rate is just 2.6% and it has been decreasing. The poverty rate is low, so there is no need for crimes. In suburban areas, the crime rates are almost non-existent. That is why they are perfect for relocating there, whether with your family or on your own. Some of those lovely suburban areas and Virginia neighborhoods include:

  • Rosslyn,
  • Del Ray,
  • Ashburn,
  • Fairlington and Shirlington

Living in Rosslyn

Rosslyn is a neighborhood in Arlington that then rapidly increased over the last few years. few It used to be a business area where people only would go because they had their offices there. But now, more and more people choose this area to be their permanent home. One of the reasons is the fact that they can still stay true to their business and work almost anywhere in the DMV area, for that matter. For example, commuting time to DC is only 15 minutes. It has reliable public transport.

One of the downsides to living in this area is the fact that it is still in expansion, There are not so many places to buy, and in accordance to that, prices are extremely high. Arlington is either way 40% more expensive than the average in the USA and Rosslyn is even more expensive than Arlington. Of course, that means that housing costs are more expensive, with the index of 375, compared to Arlington’s 295.

Del Ray is one of the best suburbs in Virginia in 2022

Del Ray, an Alexandria suburb, is known as “the wellness district” since it is home to multiple top-rated health and wellness institutes and specialists. There is plenty of entertainment in this area, including many festivals, farmers’, and lakeside activities, as well as parks, restaurants, and shopping. There is additional Metro access on Braddock Road, as well as links to major roads.

Suburban area and a road
Some suburbs are perfect for seniors

Renters in this area can choose from condos and single-family houses. We can even provide you with some tips for finding an apartment in Virginia or this suburb. The cost of living is similar to the costs in Alexandria. It is more expensive than the USA’s average, by more than 40% to be more precise. The median house cost is $585,300, which is $310,400 more than in the USA. However, this neighborhood has a lot to offer, and it has just started. Don’t hesitate to move there.

Ashburn is another lovely suburban neighborhood

If you have been wondering for whom is Ashburn the best neighborhood, the answer is for families with kids who are still going to school. It has some of the best public schools in Virginia. In addition to that, it is easy to enjoy the environment and nature there and find a lot of outside activities, because it is one of the greenest areas in Loudoun County. The overall cost of living index in Ashburn is 150.1. While it has a wide range of different apartments and houses to choose from, they aren’t quite affordable. The median home cost is $667,200, while in Virginia it is $329,200.

Fairlington and Shirlington are similar neighborhoods

These two neighborhoods are rarely mentioned one without another because they are bordering suburban areas in Arlington and Alexandria. What is interesting about these places is the fact that they are perfect for retirees and seniors because they have a lot of walking areas. People can take long strolls and enjoy the nature. In addition to that, they are extremely pet-friendly with many areas where you can walk your dogs. The cost of living is even lower than in Arlington, with an index of 144, compared to Arlington’s 164. The housing costs are 229, compared to Arlington’s index of 295.

A dog in the street
There are pet-friendly neighborhoods in Virginia

Think about renting a storage unit

You have seen that some of the best suburbs in Virginia in 2022 have a lot to offer and are great places to call home, but they can be quite pricey. One of the solutions can be to rent some of the affordable storage units Virginia and solve that problem that way. This means you will need less space. Less space means that you won’t have to buy an extremely big house or a condo. Therefore, you will be paying less. More and more people in Virginia and the USA overall have been using storage units lately. That is a great way to preserve the items you don’t use often that only take up your space.

Choose the suburb and enjoy

You have seen what are the best suburbs in Virginia in 2022 and what are their pros and cons. Think of the reasons for which you are moving. Choose the suburb that matches your preferences, hire the right movers and enjoy.

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