Best Virginia cities for families

Picking a destination with your family can be a stressful task. However, it is something that you should look on with positivity. It is a gloriously entertaining moment in your life. We won’t bring up those facts that teach you life lessons about those who cannot afford a regular lifestyle. Or talk about those that have to struggle to afford a home for their family. You are not as unfortunate, so it is all okay. However, this process still brings its levels of stress. There are countless things to worry about. And if you have your eyes set on the state of Virginia, we have prepared a list of best Virginia cities for families.

Considering that you might come from far away, you should consider hiring long distance movers Virginia. If nothing else, this will shorten the burden of this process. At least you will have a list you can rely on and begin your hunt from there. Sadly, many people have to start digging online and reading countless reviews before they can say they started the search. Make no mistake, best Virginia cities for families are not easy to find. However, with the push in the right direction, you will know what we are talking about.

Best Virginia cities for families – what does it mean?

What does it really mean to find the best Virginia cities for families? What does one city for a family make? Which qualities do these places need to have in order to qualify to be a very good city to start a family in?

Well, these are questions that many of us know the answers to. However, before we proceed to identify the best Virginia cities for families, we need to understand what are these qualities. Peace, quiet, low crime-rate and nearby schools. This is basically what you will be looking for.

First and foremost, you do not want the rumble of a loud city to have your kids grow up in. You want fresh and healthy air and hopefully healthy food. You want a field of green and not fields of concrete. Concrete jungle is definitely out of the criteria for this topic.

We have certain standards when looking for best Virginia cities for families
Safety, cleanliness, peace and quiet are what we are looking for.

You want to know that your kids are safe when they step out in the street. This means that there should be little to no crime involved, no gangs or any type of affiliation. When you let your kids step outside to play with their friends, the last thing you want is to think about their safety.


Lastly, one of the most incremental things in our list of best Virginia cities for families is the potential for education. College, more or less. When it comes to college you will want to let your little ones leave the nest and enter the big world. You should want them to separate from you and learn about living alone. Finally, college is a very fun place where they will grow, mature and have some fun. Don’t step in the way of that.

If you are looking to find a great school for your children, then Virginia might be the place for you.
A lot of top-notch schools are situated all around Virginia

But, before college comes, you will have your little ones in elementary school and in high school. These should be top notch! There are some gorgeous neighborhoods in Virginia that offer just that. A peaceful and safe community, filled with green fields and lacking any type of criminal activity. Not much traffic either. With phenomenal education opportunities!

The list of best Virginia cities for families

So, once we have established the criteria we can proceed to the list. Please keep in mind that this list is our opinion and recommendation, not a finalized ultimate solution. Maybe you will disagree with some, and we somewhat hope that you do. This means that you will be able to challenge our choice! Whatever your choice, you can count that the residential movers Baltimore will be able to help you get your things to your new home.

So, let’s see if we got this list right!

Falls Church

First on our list of best Virginia cities for families is definitely Falls Church. This place, being very close to the D.C. metro area is a perfect choice. Why? Because it is close to everything you would want from a city, but it is not in a city.

This means that it keeps all the relevant qualities of a city but you still have the choice to be far away from it. It offers a very small community. Namely, this means that it offers a home for around 13 thousand people. This is definitely not a lot, meaning that it will fit into the above-mentioned criteria.

The crime rate here is astronomically low, given that almost everyone knows one another. It is practically perfect. The property here may be a tad on the expensive side, but this is all well worth the price.

Virginia Beach

One of the go-to choices in Virginia Beach. This place is absolutely stunning. On the downside, it does have a slightly larger population, somewhere near half a million, but it makes it no more dangerous than the previous contender.

Virginia Beach City is a great place to live with your family.
Areal view of Virginia Beach City, a great place to live in.

On the downside, the comfort and luxury this place bring come with a hefty price. This price can reach up to 300,000 dollars for a home. However, this place has plenty to offer for that price tag. It offers security as well as a very beautiful climate for your little ones to grow up in. Furthermore, given the population, there is a very strong business district where you can pursue your career as well!


Lastly, at the bottom of our top three list, we have Chantilly. Make no mistake, this place is still in the top three, meaning that it brings a lot of value. It may have been a tough decision, but Chantilly prevailed. If Chantilly sounds unfamiliar to you and you need a professional moving company, then we got a recommendation for the best in the business – Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland.

This town is no more than a mere 25 miles from Washington D.C., offering all the perks of a city whilst you have no need to be in one! Expensive, maybe. However, low crime rate, peace, and quiet make this place a worthy choice!

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