Buying your first home – how and when

Everyone wants to have their own home. You do not have to pay monthly rents, only mortgage but at least someday that house will be yours. However, if you have never bought a house before, this can seem a little bit daunting. You will spend a large amount of money so you need to be careful when choosing your first purchase. For this reason, here is all you need to know when buying your first home.  

See if you are ready for buying your first home 

It is not easy to buy your very first house. There are many things to consider, the most important one whether you are financially ready for the purchase. As you might know, the expenses do not end when you buy the house. You are responsible for any house repairs, utility costs, taxes and insurance related to your home. In addition to this, if you are in some kind of debt, have to pay the student loans, credit card or any other reasons, you should wait to pay those things off. Otherwise, this property purchase will put a huge strain on your finances. For this reason, do not go looking for Virginia local movers just yet, but rather wait until you saved up some money. 

black house and green grass
Are you ready to move to your first home?

How to prepare your budget 

Saving money is hard. You always need to pay for some unexpected costs. However, since you are buying your first home, you need to have considerable money saved. Usually, this amount should be from 5 to 20 % of the average home price. For this reason, here is how you can prepare the budget. First, see where your money is going to, for example, 

  • Household bills 
  • Food 
  • Medications 
  • Clothing and shoes 
  • Entertainment 
  • Pets 
  • Insurance policies 
  • Car expenses 
  • Debts 

When you have a clear picture, decide where you can save money. Maybe you can make your coffee at your home instead of buying it at Starbucks. You can skip restaurants and prepare meals at home, and so on. Make a plan that you are the most comfortable with so you can keep up with that plan.  

Explore your loan options 

Not many people can afford to buy their first home without a mortgage. For this reason, you need to explore your options. The first step would be to get approved for a mortgage. In addition to this, a mortgage broker can help you with finding the best loan company that offers the best rates. There are so many different loan types and payment options. However, usually, the best one is a fixed rate of 15 to 20 years loan. You can lock in a low rate if you go for this option. In addition to this, you can make a down payment that later can be very beneficial. As you might need to move sooner than you pay off your loans, a good down payment will help you not to lose too much money. It is in your interest to build wealth with your new home, not to struggle financially. 

Be honest to yourself when you are buying your first home 

Everyone wants a house with at least four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and plenty of storage space. However, a house with all of these characteristics is extremely expensive. Are you really ready to spend an enormous amount of money on your first home since you can find storage units Virginia if you do not have enough space? No one can stop you since it is your decision, but you should be careful. This means you will spend the next 20 years paying off the mortgage. Sometimes, people cannot afford to pay their daily expenses because of the loans. So, the bottom line is, to be honest about your finances and see what you can really afford. You can always buy a bigger house later in life when you do not have any other loans. 

get a small house when you are buying your first home
Smaller homes are good as well

Find a good realtor 

When you decide how much money you can spend, you should see if you can be pre-approved for the mortgage. After you complete this step, it is time to find a good realtor. Your realtor should be able to help you with finding your first home. They can make recommendations about whether you should go for an apartment or house after you explain your wants and needs. In addition to this, since the market can be hard to understand sometimes, your relator should explain the parts you do not understand. Once you find the home and make an offer, your realtor should negotiate terms that both sides are happy with. 

Home inspection 

Once you start looking at all those houses on the market, you will probably have a hard time choosing only one. However, when you make your temporary final decision, you should pay for the home inspection. This means a home inspector will come and look for all the hidden problems the house might have. You will receive a detailed report about the house inspection. The report will include if the house has mold problems, foundation problems, termites, roof replacements, and so on. This inspection can save you so much money later. In addition to this, you can even negotiate a lower price if the house needs some major repairs.  

a woman standing on the balcony
Inspect the house before you make a purchase

You will need your patience during escrow 

As you might know, buying your first home is complicated. Once you make a bid on the house and they accept the offer, you will go into escrow. This means, that the escrow holder now has to make sure to gather all the documents, money, and other important information. Escrow is necessary because it protects you, the seller, and the lender. However, this can last for some time so this is the reason you should be patient. In addition to this, you can sign your mortgage papers during the escrow. If this happens, then ask for a bank representative to come so they can explain your loan. 

Buying your first home is exciting 

As you can see, it may seem complicated but buying your first home is exciting so go for it. 

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