Deciding on the unpacking order

There is a variety of complex processes to do during the relocation. This only means that one should be adequately prepared for everything regarding the relocation. Careful planning and organization can save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress in the future. For instance, when you are packing the items for the move you are also preparing them for the unpacking process after the move. In this article, we will talk about just that – how to approach the unpacking order and how to make it easier. If you are not sure how to properly pack certain items or have no adequate skills with relocation, you can consider hiring a moving company Baltimore.

How to prepare your unpacking order in advance

Unpacking is the last thing you will probably have to do regarding your relocation. It is one of the final processes before you settle in your new home. Because of this, you want to aim to prepare for it in advance. Both to make the process easier for yourself and finish it as quick as possible. This way, as long-distance movers Baltimore finish unloading your items, you can focus on unpacking everything. Thinking ahead and preparing each item for unpacking is a smart move to do. To prepare for this process we advise that you:

a man and a woman sitting on the floor while unpacking according to their unpacking order
By properly packing items and labelling the boxes, you will have an easier time finding out what to unpack first
  • Pack items according to their rooms
  • Label boxes so you can know which item goes where
  • Apply enough protective material so the items do not get damaged
  • Make the boxes easily accessible

Decide which items you want to take with you

Before you start packing your items, you should decide which items you want with you and which ones can be thrown away or sold. This way, you will reduce the number of items you carry, thus directly impacting the cost of the move and the work you have to do after the move. De-cluttering room by room is the best way to have control over the process. It will allow you to focus on one room at a time and avoid stress from your whole house being a mess. The best way to have a good unpacking experience is to control how much you carry with you. Moreover, as you have fewer items to move, you will be able to organize better. Moving fewer items also means that you will reduce the chances of any items breaking. Moreover, you will spend less on packing materials and containers.

Organize items as you pack them

Next, you should organize items, by your liking, as you are packing them. Namely, this process will not only help you know which items are where, but it will help you unpack quicker. As you tackle one room at a time, you will significantly speed up the packing process. Acquire enough containers to hold all of your items and separate them as you prefer. For instance, you can separate them by fragility, the material they are made out of or by the side of the room they are in.

a couple consulting their item checklist as they are packing an item in a box
You can create a checklist of items you pack so you can have an easier time knowing where to find them as you unpack

After you finish packing each box, make sure to label it. This will help you know what to unpack first as you arrive. Having proper organization should help you a great deal during this process.

Every unpacking order should start with the most important room in the house

Usually, the most important room when moving in is the bathroom. Especially when you just arrived and want to take care of the hygiene as you finish unpacking and before you go to bed. Therefore, make sure to keep items from the bathroom in a special box, aside from other belongings. On the other hand, if you move a lot of hygiene products you should make sure they do not leak. Potential leaks can damage other items inside the box and eventually, put all the items in the moving truck in danger. Make sure you check each bottle or tube before you pack them. Moreover, avoid packing items such as cleaning chemicals or chemicals in general. There is a good chance the moving company will not allow them.

Depending on how many items you have in each room – start small

There is a good chance you will probably be very tired of the whole relocation process. Especially if you are moving for the first time. In that case, you should seek to start small. Namely, apart from the bathroom, which might require you to unpack it right away, start with rooms that have fewer items. Moreover, if you think the process is overwhelming – start unpacking in the order you would prefer the most.

a couple having a laugh as they unpack clothes
If you are tired from the relocation – start small and work your way up

Because relocation is quite stressful, you want to make sure that you avoid it as much as you can. Depending on the distance you moved and the number of items you have, sit down as you arrive and see what your best options are.

Unpack fragile and valuable items as soon as you can

As a final piece of advice regarding the unpacking order, you should always aim to unpack the fragile or valuable items first. Firstly, this way you reduce the chance of these items suffering damage. Secondly, simply by placing them outside of the box, you reduce the chances of changing their condition. If you have any artwork, make sure you take them outside of the box and place them in a safe spot anywhere in your home. Then, as you finish unpacking a room, you can decide where you want to put that artwork. Fragile and valuable items are very difficult to handle and move around. So, try to make as little movement as possible in order to avoid damaging your items.

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