Deciding whether to renovate or move house

When you ask people what are the main parts of the American dream, being a homeowner will be on the top of the list. But with the economy being unstable you should always think twice before deciding whether to renovate or move house. That’s why we at Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland decided to make a list of benefits, but also difficulties that you’ll encounter if you chose one of the two options. Have a look for yourself and make an informed decision before you choose the right option for you.

To renovate or move house? The pros and cons of relocating

If you’ve moved before you know how stressful and exciting at the same time it can get. Before you decide to relocate you need to ask some important questions. Are you enjoying your current house? Will your budget endure buying a house? Will you be ready to handle the hassle that comes with moving to a new house? Before you call up the residential movers check out the list of pros and cons of relocating to a new home. It will help you better understand your position and make a well-informed decision.

Pro – Fresh start

A new home generally means turning a new page in your life. Obviously, people will try to upgrade from where they lived before. For that reason, bigger rooms, better schools, nicer parks, and a more desirable area, in general, are the right pick. So don’t be surprised that our long distance movers Virginia have a big workload during the whole year. And who knows, maybe the neighbors will be better too? Exploring new locations and introducing yourself to new people will be a perfect opportunity for you and your family to spend quality time together.

A family unpacking in their new home
Getting a new home can get excited, as it usually means a fresh start

Pro – The agent does all the work

Finding a perfect house by yourself is a big challenge considering everything you have to do. But thankfully, there are options that will make the process easier for you. Just like when moving, you want to hire reputable and experienced local movers, when you’re searching for a new home you need the best real estate agent available. A true professional will know how to advertise your old home and find you a new place that will match your desires and do all the paperwork on top of that. However, it will cost you, but it will be worth it.

Con – Cost

One of the most important factors when deciding whether to renovate or move house is money. Selling your previous house might cover the price of your new home, but that isn’t always the case. Also, people don’t think about agent fees and other fees that come with buying a new house. On top of that, there are other expenses like renting a truck, packing materials and services, cleaning services, and many more that will drain out your budget.

Con – Logistics

Moving is always a challenge, and it gets harder if you move with a big family. Years of clutter will have to be addressed when you decide to relocate to a new home. Having to pack everything and then sorting and labeling everything is sometimes very exhausting. Thinking about everything can be even more stressful if you have pets or small kids that don’t understand the need of moving, so be ready to get over a lot of hurdles if you decide to move house.

Woman on the phone
You’ll spend hours on the phone trying to organize everything whether you renovate or move house

The pros and cons of renovating

Another way to change things up when it comes to your home is to refurbish it. Like moving, renovating comes with its problems that will affect your budget and general well-being. You might save by spending less than you would if you were to buy a new house, but there are still problems. One of the biggest problems when renovating your house is that you need to move somewhere and live there for the duration of the renovation.

Pro – Familiarity

Many studies have shown that there is a small number of events in life that match the stress level of the moving experience.  Another benefit of staying in your home is that you probably know everything that needs to be changed. When it comes to emotional stability, you won’t put yourself and your children through the changes that come with moving. Especially when you have a good community and neighbors around you.

Pro – Customize as you want and save in the process

A new house might seem like a solution for every problem, but will you actually find a house that fits every single one of your needs? Above all, buying a new home will probably put a huge strain on your budget. So why not think about everything you want to change in your old home. The more specific you get the better you’ll understand your needs. Maybe donating old furniture or organizing a garage sale to sell outdated electronics can be a good start to your renovation. Decluttering your home first can be a good idea before doing anything major.  Be creative and see what else you can come up with.

Dollar bills
You’ll save more money if you renovate with the budget in mind

Con – Sometimes it’s not practical

If you’re planning to remodel every part of your home, you might find out it’s not that practical. Changing a couple of rooms is ok, but it probably won’t do the trick if you’re expecting major changes. And if you think about remodeling your whole home, your budget will take a huge hit. So in that situation, it might be even cheaper to buy a new property than try to do a complete overhaul of your property.

Con – Problems with contractors and construction

It’s really weird and unpleasant when you have plumbers or other contractors around the house for a couple of hours. Imagine how much worse it can get if you have them for days if not weeks. The worst part is that they will be making noise from morning to late at night, so you won’t have the peace that you expect at your own home. Above all, potential miscalculations from the contractors might rise up the initial price.

Opening up more space isn’t easy, but it’s even more difficult to find out what’s the best way of doing it. Whatever you decide, be it to renovate or move house, you should know all the positive and negative effects it can have. Choosing the best option will surely save you a lot of money and nerves. That’s why we hope that our tips helped you out and that you’ll find the best solution for you.  Good luck renovating or moving!

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