Design ideas for your Washington DC office

Are you moving, decorating, or about to do both? Whatever is the case you should have a few design ideas for your Washington DC office in your pocket. Renovating a place of work can boost productivity tenfold and it is proven effective on all fronts. Therefore, let us prepare your new office for a facelift with a few tips and tricks. Take a look.

Inspect your new office as soon as possible

As soon as you decide on decorating, you must figure out what your options are. Visit your new office space and work on the decorating plan. The most important thing is to measure the space correctly. This will give you insight on how much furniture you can bring and where to establish a foothold. But also, you will be able to dedicate areas for work, lunch breaks, meetings, and chill zones. But in case you have more furniture and equipment than you can handle, consider renting one of the storage units Washington DC. It is a great way to remove the unwanted pieces but still hold onto them in case you need them at some point. It is a lucrative and affordable option.

Although, if you have valuable IT equipment or expensive furniture you desire to store, you should be aware of the storage mistakes to avoid. You must pack for storage properly to avoid damages over time caused by humidity, mold, dust, pest, stale air, etc. And packing is just half of the work done, you must pick a proper unit as well. We recommend a climate-controlled storage unit that will solve all your problems and keep your items safe. Browse your options and be ready for it.

Are you ready for moving?

If you are moving to your new offices, you must prepare adequately. You should inspect both old and a new place, obtain packing materials, assign tasks, declutter, and clean. Also, you should look for reliable interstate movers Washington DC. A professional and experienced moving service is what you need when relocating a business. Ensure your movers are licensed, equipped, knowledgeable, and ready to undertake your moving project. Research a bit online and you’ll find your movers soon enough.

Two persons holding moving boxes
Make sure that everyone is packed and ready to go. Your new office awaits.

Also, make sure all your colleagues pitch in and help out on the packing process and organization. You shouldn’t do this alone and sink valuable hours and funds when it can be done more efficiently. But make sure that all your moving helpers are aware of the moving day safety tips and regulations. Your relocation should be organized and efficient, but safe above all. Once you relocate, all that is left is to implement design ideas for your Washington DC office. Make it a cozy place for everyone.

Begin with a floor plan

You should work on the doors, floors, and windows first. But the flooring options are vast and most important because it sticks out the most. It is something people walk upon and look at the whole day. It should be a pleasant design for everyone. So, our final design tip would be, fewer walls and more open space. Make a flooring plan and choose brighter colors to lift the spirit up. It is a cost-efficient morale booster right there. There are many design ideas for your Washington DC office regarding floors and open spaces. Dive into it and find the best one for your office space.

Changing colors is one of the best design ideas for your Washington DC office

Simply by introducing new colors into the working space will boost the productiveness and happiness of your employees. It is shown that brighter colors like orange, yellow, green, and blue affect people emotionally and psychologically. They bring positive vibes and lift energies without people even being aware of it. You need brighter colors all over the place. You can use white as well but be careful if you do not want to make a sterile and uncomfortable environment. If you are using white, give some color to your furniture to break it up a bit. Consult with a designer working in the field and browse through the color palette options and find the best combination.

Colorful office space
Add some color and breathe a new life to your working space.

Make it feel like home

You want to keep up with the trend. Office space shouldn’t be strictly sterile and work-oriented. You can make it feel like home and provide a warm and engaging vibe to it. Your working environment should be versatile and ready to accommodate anyone so get your Washington movers to bring in some furniture for a lounge area as well.. For example, bean bags are there to make people relaxed and the lunch break more relaxing than to have it in a regular lunch-break area. Or a round table gathering surrounded by plants and ferns will make you feel like you are on a vacation with friends rather than in the middle of a work project. Therefore, design a few areas where people can chill and have fun. It will work wonders in productivity.

There are many design ideas for your Washington DC office that can make it feel like home.
Make your office space inviting and a cozy place to be. Make it feel like home.

Re-decorating bits and pieces are great design ideas for your Washington DC office

Now, we are not asking you to Feng-Shui the whole place, but you should think about the green design and energies surrounding it. We all love plants and natural designs and motives. It is inspiring and calming even if we are not aware of it. Most of it is taken for granted but some appreciate it more than others. So, you should know that all those random and small pieces around the office can be turned into a nature design. For example, you can add a photo tapestry on your walls or even paint them in forest, meadows, or waterfall motives.

With an artistic touch, you can turn all your utilities, switches, pen holders, chairs, tables into a piece of nature. But make a healthy balance because overdoing it can make a countereffect. Consult an expert in Biophilic architecture and find out what your options are. Moreover, a healthy dose of real living plants is highly recommended. Bring the purified air, energies, and tranquility to your working space.

Now you know a few more design ideas for your Washington DC office. You can even add a gym, playroom, and a coffee place. It will make your colleagues feel much relaxed and readier to work. And do not forget to complete moving day tasks and get ready for the relocation. Once this part is done, you can decorate your new place stress-free. Good luck and we wish you only positive results.