Downsizing before moving interstate

When you’re moving interstate it takes a lot of your energy and time to get everything in order. The best option for you is to start downsizing before moving interstate as it will make the job so much easier. For that reason, we at Allstate Moving and Storage have decided to give you some advice on how to make the whole process easier. Here are just some of the things you should do before the moving truck arrives at your home and loads all your boxes.

Downsizing before moving interstate requires a good plan

Moving, in general, requires you to plan in advance. Especially when it comes to an interstate move. It’s a good start to plan how to divide the time you’ll have until the relocation and create tasks that seem achievable to you. For example, a good start is to get the measurements of your new home and start to think about how you can fit your furniture in your new home. On the other hand, you can always leave it to the pros at long distance movers Washington DC to get the job done. However, you’ll still need to be well-organized and have a plan of action. That means that from gathering packing supplies to picking the date for the move you probably want to finish the tasks as quickly as you can.

Man and Woman agreeing on a plan for moving interstate
Downsizing before moving interstate requires a firm plan

Write down everything you have

One of the first steps you should make is to put everything on paper. The first on the list should be the items you use the most. This list will also help you when it comes time to downsizing. Obviously, the list is changeable but it will be easier both for you and for the local movers Virginia to pack and load a smaller amount of items into the moving truck. Whatever your decision at the end might be, it’s very important to have this draft at the start as it makes the job easier as the moving date approaches.

Downsizing before moving interstate by digitizing documents

With the internet, we can digitize everything. So why keep old documents and bills in paper form? Oddly enough paper is the thing that makes the most clutter. Even if you think you need those old bills, they can easily be scanned so it’s not a huge problem to do it. The same thing goes for books and old DVDs, if you’re not sure you’ll need them why take them with you in a physical form? With computers everything gets easier, so why not let them help you even in a part of your move? You’ll find out how everything looks cleaner and more spacious when you arrive at your new home.

Man scanning a book
You can always digitize your old bills and documents in case you really end up needing them

Items you’ll keep

Now that the moving day is approaching, you should have a list of things to keep. Those are the ones that you use every day and you can’t do without. Of course, leave a place for items that you have a sentimental connection to. They can just rent a Baltimore storage unit and have one less headache. But unfortunately, some people overdo the downsizing process when they’re moving and part ways with items they miss later on. For that reason, start the process of dividing items into groups as soon as you can. That will give you a sense of accomplishment and will make it easier to focus as the moving day approaches.

Sell items

When you’re moving with reputable and quality movers it will cost you money. But why not make some money back? By selling some of your items you won’t need anymore you can actually save on the move. There are many online marketplaces where you can sell your items. On the other hand, you might be more a person who likes to sell face to face. In that case, organizing a small yard or garage sale will be the best option for you. It’s also a great opportunity to say goodbye to the people in the neighborhood by giving them a small discount.

Downsizing before moving interstate includes donating some of your items

If you’re a philanthropist at heart why not donate some of your stuff? Of course before donating anything check if it’s working and in good condition. Some organizations won’t accept damaged items. You can donate however you want. You can go to an organization like The Furniture Bank of America or you can give away your old TV to your neighbor that has been complimenting it every time you watched a game together. The options are limitless, it’s on you to decide how to be helpful to others. We know it’s probably not your first time to donate and how fun it is to help others.

Volunteers asking for donations
Donating stuff you don’t need is the best thing to do if you want to get rid of something


Another good way to make you feel better is to recycle. Of course, do this only with items you know are already ripe for the trash can. It can be everything from old paper sitting around your home, to wooden furniture that’s long been broken and left in the living room. The best way to know where to recycle is to check for your local recycling centers near you. This can help you declutter, you’ll be helping the planet, and depending on where you recycle you might end up with a gift card.

At the end of your packing and downsizing process, you’ll have your relocation under control. If you hired professional movers we’re sure they will be thankful to you for downsizing before moving interstate as it will make their job easier. It takes a long time to get everything where you want it to be in this type of move. We’re sure you organized everything well and that all will go as planned. Good luck with your interstate move!