Downsizing from a house to an apartment – how to adjust?

Moving from a big house to a place where you’re sharing walls with your neighbors is difficult. But there are positive sides to downsizing from a house to an apartment. Financially this could be a great decision because your bills will reduce too. The move will also make you think about all the stuff you have around the house. All those old clothes you wore once, furniture that is in bad shape, the closet full of stuff you thought you might need in the future. The downsizing might be your big chance to declutter. The hardest part of this type of move is probably the emotions and the moving process as such. Where movers in Maryland can help you with the move, this article could help you with ways to make this big change in your lifestyle feel easier.

Plan in advance when downsizing from a house to an apartment

Even before you step foot in your new apartment, start planning. Take the measures of the new apartment and compare them to your furniture from the house. Sometimes a change of location might require a lot of sacrifices. Make a list of your belongings. Divide them into two groups. On one side write the items you need to take you your new apartment and on the other the items that you can throw away or donate.  After that, work your way from the most important stuff on the list to the things that you know you already should have put into the trash can. Only by planning beforehand will you be able to transition without making difficult last-minute choices and make your shift from a big house to an apartment go smoothly.

Think about your most important belongings

Think about all those family gifts you have in your home. All those items that have sentimental value to you. It might be everything ranging from the old family photo album to your old gaming console. Everything that has beautiful memories attached to them, you should pack and bring to your apartment. Decluttering your space might mean you should get rid of certain items you would normally take with you, but your new apartment adventure will start off nicely with those beautiful memories from your old house. Professional packing services that take care of those important items should be considered a must if you think about how much joy and positive energy they could bring to your new place.

Husband and wife looking at the photo album together
Bring old memories to your new apartment

Sell or donate unnecessary items

Before it’s the time for movers Frederick MD to come in and transport your boxes you should review all your belongings. Some items you just can’t throw away, but can’t take with you either. By selling them online you might be able to earn a quick buck.

For the philanthropists among you, you can always give away that couch your friend has been gazing at for years and that just won’t fit in your new apartment. Or give away your old clothes. There a lot of charitable organizations that help people in need. There is no way you can fit all those dresses and shirts you once had in that big closet. Call up a charity and help someone get a smile on their face!


After you have sold and gifted away everything you don’t need anymore, it is time to look at the rest of the stuff. All those old wooden chairs and sofas are just standing taking up space. The best way to give them a new purpose is to recycle them. They will not just come out as brand new furniture, but you will also have helped the environment. Just look for a recycling center near you and they will be happy to help you.

Piece of paper inviting you to reduce,reuse and recycle
Recycling helps you declutter and the planet

Enjoy decorating after downsizing from a house to an apartment

Most of the time people decide on downsizing from a house to an apartment for financial reasons. Some just want to start a new life, and moving is the best place to do that. Even if all these emotions are a bit negative and stress-inducing, you should accept this new situation with open hands and a positive mindset. Living in a smaller space might limit your living space, but it doesn’t have to limit your creativity. Paint your walls your favorite color, make a small place in a room for your favorite hobby. And it will take so much less time in comparison to making that all happen in your big old house. Downsizing is really just the perfect way to bring out the artist and creative person in us.

Painting the wall
Less space might bring out your more creative side

Life outside of the apartment

Feeling a bit caged in a smaller space than you are used to? Well, your home is not just your apartment! Your building is full of new people who you can befriend. It is a great way to meet new people and they will be able to help you to adjust to your new living situation in no time. Scared you won’t be able to host those awesome grill parties in your yard? Depending on where your apartment is, there are designated places for gatherings of that type just for your apartment complex. We all know the pressure of being a good host, so having a party on neutral ground is not such a bad idea. Usually, apartments are near sports and recreation facilities, but also entertainment centers. There is something calming about seeing so many people and knowing that they probably all live in your area.

Downsizing from a house to an apartment is always a hard task. Your emotions may be negative at the start of the process, but that can change. Have a good look at everything you’ll take from your old house and don’t forget to bring items that have good memories attached to them. Sell, donate, or throw away stuff that you don’t need anymore. After that start having fun with your place and decorate it to fit your personality. Your next step to bring more positivity to this big change is to examine your neighborhood. Go around and explore! Make your downsizing story a beautiful one.