Eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore

When it comes to packing and moving, it’s important to find ways to “go green” wherever possible. One place where people are nowadays finding savings is, surprisingly, in their self-storage. Eco-friendly storage Baltimore is a relatively new concept. However, the rate at which facilities with this option are booking seems to indicate it is one that consumers want. Here is some more information about this trend and what you can do to incorporate more eco-friendly storage solutions in your Baltimore unit.

Eco-friendly storage solutions save money

Money isn’t the primary reason to take measures to protect the environment. But the fact is, eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore will save you money in the long term. As well as our movers Baltimore! Please note that some green improvements may cost more at the beginning, but they end up saving money in the long term.

Beautiful wilderness
Our natural resources are in limited supply, and for that reason, we need to look for ways to save.

Eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore help reduce global warming

You probably don’t feel like the light bulb in your storage unit has much of an impact on global warming. But the reality is that climate-warming is directly connected to human activities. Changing some of our activities towards a more green storage unit will definitely have an impact on our planet. So let’s get started.

Packing green for your eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore

In a perfect world, you would probably gravitate towards a storage facility made with the latest, eco-friendly features. However, that can’t always be the case. Eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore are a relatively new idea, and as such many facilities are embracing these ideas slowly. If you are looking for a new storage unit, and want to go green, there are a number of things you can do. We are here to help you make your storage unit more energy-friendly.

Choose an insulated storage facility

If you choose to store your things in an outdoor shed, cold basement or hot attic, you risk them being damaged by extreme temperatures. And since damaged items end up in the landfills, that’s not eco-friendly at all. Keep your belongings protected by storing them in one of the premium insulated eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore.

Go for plastic ties instead of tape

Taping your items is a waste of costly and environmentally-dangerous material. Which is, of course, one-use-only plastic tape. Instead, use plastic ties to secure items for your eco-friendly storage solutions in Baltimore. Cords, hoses, curtain rods, handles, and other small items are best t secured with zip ties. You should also purchase ties that are reusable. Of course, there will always be occasions when the tape is necessary, but try to cut down on the amount of tape you use will make your storage unit more “green.”

When possible, store your items in cardboard, which is biodegradable, instead of plastic.

Recycle packing materials

When you take your items out of storage, you should recycle the packing materials. If you don’t need them anymore, send them to a recycling center. Or you can find someone who is moving and give the boxes and packing materials to them. If you are going to store different items, you can, again, re-use the packing materials for your own needs.