Essential tips for storing wooden furniture in Baltimore

You have moved and almost settled in your new home in Maryland. It took some time for preparation, packing, and unpacking.  With professional movers, you planned very thoroughly what to pack for the move. Usually, there are items and furniture that you plan in advance where to put in your new home. However, it may happen sometimes that you realize there is not enough space for all you brought. In that case, movers in Maryland can help you to store these items. Having this option for additional space will save you a lot of stress. At some point, you may decide either to replace furniture, donate or sell it. For the time being, you don’t have to make any decisions about it. In this article learn about storing wooden furniture in Baltimore.

storing wooden furniture in Baltimore
Using storage units will prevent furniture damaging

Options for storing wooden furniture in Baltimore

As mentioned previously, after the move there may be some wooden furniture that you do not have space for. Or these pieces simply do not fit into the interior. As a result, you need to take care of these items. We do not want your new home to be crammed with unnecessary stuff. One of the best options would be to use the Baltimore storage unit. Why is it necessary to have a proper storage unit for wooden furniture? This kind of furniture is very sensitive to moisture, mold, or different weather conditions. Storing these into cardboard boxes and putting them in the cellar or attic is simply not enough. In addition, although wood is a firm material, wooden furniture can be easily scratched. It can break easily, especially if not stained. Therefore, reliable movers will provide the best storage service.

Preparing furniture for storing

Now that you have decided to use the storing services, it is necessary to prepare the furniture for storage. Before professional movers from Baltimore come to pick it up, you need to do some preparation.

a couple preparing furniture
Before the arrival of the moving company, it is necessary to prepare furniture for storage

First, you need to present the moving company with the type and size of the furniture you need to store. They will inform you if they have proper storage containers and how to prepare prior to storage. Pests, exposure to light, humidity, all this can affect your furniture belongings. In addition, these wooden belongings need cleaning, waxing, and disassembling properly. Treating the wood prior to storing is very important. For example, it can prevent cracking which happens due to temperature fluctuation. Drying out the wood too much can make it split. Also, try to take as many pieces apart as you can. Doing this will allow you to store the components more easily.

Pricing and type of containers for storing wooden furniture in Baltimore

When searching the options for storing wooden furniture in Baltimore, you will find many results. Many moving companies in Baltimore offer storage solutions.

storage containers
When storing furniture it is important to have different storage sizes and solutions

Depending on the type of storage containers they offer different pricing. Always compare prices, types of units, and services. The most important is to read reviews from other customers. Although pricing is important, sometimes it pays off to pay a little for storage services. Visit their facilities to make sure that you choose the best storage option. The prices of individual items may vary. For example, the average price for storing a dining table with chairs is $50. Of course, it costs more to store large pieces of furniture. That is why we recommend renting the whole unit. You can choose between :

  • common storage units
  • climate-controlled units
  • storage with high security with 24h surveillance

Make the storage unit safe for your belongings

In your wooden furniture collection, there may be some highly valuable items. For example, an antique coffee table that was bought at an auction. Or a 19th-century Victorian night table. Even if it is just simple everyday wooden furniture, it must have a proper storage unit. Therefore, it is crucial to check the storage unit before bringing your items there. Arrange a visit to your storage unit with a moving company. Do not hesitate to do this, since these are your precious belongings that need proper protection. When there, check the security and protective measures. Check if there is video surveillance. Climate-controlled units which you will need in this case should protect the items from corrosion, fire, flood, etc. Do not forget about the insurance. Buying additional insurance will cover any damages if occur.

Additional tips for cleaning and preparing wooden belongings

Why is it highly important to clean the wooden furniture? Although the answer seems obvious, it is useful to elaborate. Your wooden belongings will be stored for a certain or indefinite period of time. If stored without proper cleaning, dust and dirt can lead to permanent damages. Then you spent money for storage in vain. If you are not sure how to clean, learn some tips and tricks for cleaning wooden items properly. You will need different cleansers and cleaning materials like clear dish soap, microfiber cloths, and wood polish. The best is to always start with the least damaging cleaning method. Dust the item with a soft cloth. Dip a rag in a mixture of mild dish soap and water and wring it out well. Dry the furniture. Apply a layer of furniture polish and buff it into the furniture with a soft cloth.

As you have noticed, finding a proper storage solution when storing wooden furniture in Baltimore is crucial. Do the necessary research on the storage units and the services moving companies offer. Finding the right and safe storage solutions is immeasurable. Pay a visit to your new storage units. You must make sure that space has good protection, good surveillance, and that the size of the unit fits. Prepare your wooden belongings before you store them. Discover online the cleaning solutions and materials that will protect your furniture for a long time. This way you will have nice wooden pieces for a long time.