Expert tips on how to organize a successful office relocation

Any type of move comes with potential problems and stress. If you think about how to organize a successful office relocation every potential problem of a residential move gets intensified. However, that’s why we at Allstate Moving and Storage are here for. To help you out with your commercial relocation with some expert tips. We know how moving an office however big or small it might be, can get difficult. So check out the advice we prepared for you.

Organize a successful office relocation by creating a timeline

For any type of move, you need to have a good plan. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a general sense of what needs to be done and when. Firstly, you’ll need to find out how much your relocation will last. Our office movers Baltimore can tell you that a small office might take a couple of months of planning, while big offices can take up a year of efficient planning and preparation. For the best possible results, it’s better to start with your office move as soon as possible. Try and divide all the tasks into the smallest possible parts. Only by doing so can you speed up your relocation process.

A meeting inside an office
In order to organize a successful office relocation, you need to have a timeline established first

Move your office with milestones in mind

In order to successfully organize your office relocation, you need to set milestones along the way. It will make the job easier as passing milestones will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and that the move is following a certain pattern. With our movers in Baltimore County you can be sure that the schedule will be respected and all the milestones will be hit in record time. Of course, try to make the milestones as small as possible to create as much momentum as you can, especially when you have a smaller office. Creating a feeling of success as you check the milestones off your list.

Establish a budget

Even before you start packing or choosing movers you need to determine the budget. That’s because every business wants to save money at any step, so a move that usually costs a lot is one of the places companies want to save money. However, our local movers can tell you just how much cheaper can a moving company be in comparison to a DIY type of move, especially a one that isn’t done well. For that reason, it’s very important to have a reasonable budget. And as a company with so much experience in the moving business, an office relocation isn’t really a good place to start saving on resources.

a notepad and a calculator on top of money
You need to think about the budget before you start seriously thinking about moving your office

Communicate  everything about the move with your coworkers

When you finish planning and budgeting, it’s slowly time to get everyone on the same page. For that reason, you should start to communicate to everyone in the office that a move is going to happen soon. It’s very important to have effective communication in the workplace, and especially when it’s time for a relocation. The better the comradery in your office is the better will others accept it and even suggest some helpful tips for the relocation. You should address them as soon as possible and in a positive manner. Every coworker can be very helpful before, during, and after moving day.

Pick a team of people to organize a successful office relocation

Now that everyone in the office heard the news it’s time to pick an elite force. Those are the people in the office that know it the best. Designate a person for every department and stay in touch with them as much as possible. Give them tasks, firstly on what will be needed for a move. After that establish what’s needed. When that is over with you can leave the same people as organizers. That means that they will be your way of communicating between the office and the movers. It’s very important to have people like that in order to have a convenient office relocation. It’s not rare that there is miscommunication with the moving company so by doing this you’ll prevent such a mishap.

Workers having a meeting
You need the most experienced coworkers to have special tasks and be the link between you and the movers

Hire professionals to organize a successful office relocation for you

In the end, the best you can do for your business is to hire a professional moving company. You can choose from many, be it using referrals or reviews. But most companies will also include commercial moving. It’s very important to pick the right one in order to make it easier for your company to move. Like for any move, get yourself as many moving quotes as you can and compare them. And keep in mind, nor the most expensive nor the cheapest option will always be the right choice. Find a company that offers services that fulfill the needs of your office.

In order to organize a successful office relocation, you need to have good organizing skills. So why not leave it to the pros? The best thing you and your coworkers can do is to find the best possible movers and make an inventory of all the items in the office. We’re sure that if you start the process early and with dedication you won’t have problems moving your office. Another big key to a successful move is communication. For that reason, it’s important to stay in contact with the movers. We wish you all the luck with your office relocation and hope you’ll follow our advice.