Expert tips on how to pack and move outdoor furniture

Moving your entire household implies moving indoor and outdoor items. When you search for moving tips on the Internet, they are mostly concerned about indoor furniture. Yet, if you have a lovely set of outdoor furniture, it would be a shame to leave it behind. For this reason, before hiring Allstate moving and storage Maryland companies, see how you can pack and move outdoor furniture 

figurine in the garden
Your new garden should be as beautiful as your old one

Decision and inspection time 

Before you pack and move outdoor furniture, you should decide whether it is worthy to move it or not. Think about your new residency. Does it have a porch, a garden, or a backyard where you can put your outdoor furniture? In addition to this, see what would be more affordable – buying new furniture or moving your old one. If you decide to move, then you should find affordable moving companies Harford County MD. Moving can be expensive, especially if you have many items and pieces of furniture. Apart from this, you should check your furniture. It would be a waste of time and money to move broken furniture. This also includes furniture that is either very old or shabby. Your outdoor furniture should be able to survive the trip to your new place 

Clean and disassemble your furniture 

Once you make a final decision, it is time to clean your furniture. As the name suggests, it is furniture that you keep outside. Therefore, your furniture might be home to many bugs, spiders, wasps, and other small creatures. Wear gloves when you inspect your furniture to avoid insects’ bits. Then, it is time to clean your furniture as they can get rather dirty from rain, wind, mud, etc. You can use a generic cloth with some disinfectants. Then, wash it off with water. Make sure to dry it before packing the furniture. In addition to cleaning, you should disassemble your furniture. This applies only to pieces you can disassemble, such as tables, some chairs, etc. You can either do it by yourself or let movers do the job. It is much more convenient to transport disassembled pieces. 

house covered in flowers
Make sure to clean your furniture thoroughly before packing them up

Tips and tricks on how to pack and move outdoor furniture

  • Gather packing supplies – you can use the same one as for your indoor furniture which means bubble wrapping, moving blankets, tape, etc. 
  • Wrap the pieces – just like with any piece of furniture, wrap it with either moving blankets or bubble wrapping to avoid scratches and damages. 
  • Moving boxes – you should put smaller parts into moving boxes 
  • Plastic bags – for small bolts and screws 
  • Seal it and label it – everything should be tapped well and labeled properly 

As for moving your furniture, use a dolly for heavy items or ask friends to help. You can let movers do the carrying and lifting. Make sure to place furniture properly inside the moving truck so it will fall over and crush other boxes.