Fragile items packing tips

Packing itself can be an overwhelming task. And somehow, fragile and valuable items are somehow always left last to be packed. And, after all the packing, you no longer pay attention and pack those like any other items. However, fragile items need to be packed properly, to avoid damage and unnecessary costs. That’s why we feel that our fragile items packing guide will help you to master the process of packing breakables and complete your move without anything damaged or broken.

Fragile items packing mark on a crate
Be sure to learn everything about fragile items packing so you can protect them from damage and loss

Take your time when fragile items packing

The number one tip we can tell you is definitely – take your time. Fragile items are easily damaged, even during the packing process if you are rushing it. We suggest doing it days before the move, so you can truly dedicate some time to the packing process and do it carefully. If though it is maybe a boring and tiring task, don’t hurry it – you may end up with your favorite items broken. Fragile items packing requires more time and care than packing any other items, so be sure to do it properly. If you hurry, you can break and lose some of your precious and loved items.

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Take your time when fragile items packing – dong it in a hurry may lead to unnecessary costs

However, if you are not sure you can do it by yourself, contact us for premium packing services Baltimore. Our professional team will use high-quality supplies to protect your items from damage.

Prepare the right packing supplies

To pack your fragile items properly, you need proper packing supplies. Professionals advise getting the following supplies when fragile items packing :

  • good-quality boxes – be aware that boxes made of cardboard have a shelf life, so old boxes may not be as safe as they were in the past. You can get some on Craigslist.
  • packing tape – lots of it. You need to secure the boxes several times by using a good tape. For an easier taping process, use a taping gun to save a lot of time when fragile items packing.
  • bubble wrap – make sure to get enough of these, since every fragile item needs to be wrapped separately.
  • scissors 
  • markers/pens – these will be useful for labeling the boxes. It will help a lot with the organization of the moving process and unpacking.
fragile items packing supplies and tools
If you have enough of good-quality packing supplies, fragile items packing should be easier

Splurge on cushioning

Protection is everything. So be sure to get extra material when it comes to cushioning. Wrapping items in bubble wrap is simply not enough. You need to use some protection on the bottom of the box, like pieces of tissue paper or extra bubble wrap. Also, you need to stuff hollow items like vases and goblets.

Don’t leave any free space in a box

Fragile items should be packed as tight as possible into a box. This means you should leave as little free space among them in a box as possible. This way the items won’t jiggle and break during transport.

Label your boxes

Writing what’s inside a box makes it a lot easier to unpack later. Markers and labeling will be your good friends when it’s time to sort and unpack the boxes in your new home. You will know what’s inside a box if you need it right away, and in which room you should put it.

How to pack…


For plates, it is best to use smaller boxes. Put the plates vertically into the box and line them with some paper. Each plate should be wrapped individually and you can also tap them for extra protection. Apart from using smaller boxes, be sure not to overpack them. Very heavy boxes are difficult to carry and load.


It is best to pack the lamp bases and shades separately. Put shades with the flat side down in a box with bubble wrap or paper. When it comes to bases, be sure to wrap and tape them.


When fragile items packing, glasses are probably the most problematic. However, if you pack them like a professional, no trouble will happen. The important thing is to first line the box with packing paper. Use smaller boxes and don’t overpack them. Wrap each glass separately and fill it with paper to minimize any free space. Also, if you have different types of glasses, put heavier ones on the bottom, and lighter on the top. Secure the box with tape several times.

Art pieces

All the pieces of art like sculptures, paintings and picture frames are very delicate items. They should be packed professionally, so be sure to contact us to get specialty moving services.


Electronics like computers, TVs, stereos, etc. are very fragile and sensitive items. Apart from protecting them from physical damage, you need to think about the weather conditions, too. These items are very sensitive to humidity and extreme temperatures. So be sure to wrap them in blankets and bubble wrap, and let them adjust to the room temperature before using them in your new home.


If you are thinking about moving, fragile items packing is not the only thing you should think about. Take a look at our moving tips Baltimore and make the relocation process quick and easy by following some of our expert’s advice.

fragile items
Fragile items packing is a serious task

Consult with professionals

Fragile items packing is truly a job for professionals. Even though we showed you it is actually possible to DIY the whole process, it can be quite risky. That’s why talking to a professional moving company and taking packing services is a great idea. Allstate Moving and Storage gives you premium packing services for your fragile items. Moreover, if you don’t want to or simply don’t have space at your new home, we have excellent storage units for you. Your items will be completely safe and protected from theft, humidity, and severe temperatures. Trust us with your items and leave the stressful part to the experienced professional movers.

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