Frequently asked questions about moving to Virginia

Moving is a process that is going to raise many questions regardless of where it is that you are looking to relocate. So, it may take some time to find all of the answers to your questions on time. Therefore we would suggest you start looking for them on time. Should you leave this for the last moment, you are going to find yourself in a dire situation of not having enough time to research the subject. Plus, you will not have obtained the necessary knowledge to prepare for your relocation. Therefore, we have decided to help you and offer answers to some of the questions about moving to Virginia. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is a reputable moving company that has first-hand insight into the problems of moving. Consequently, who else but us can be of more help to you in your preparations for moving?

make sure to questions about moving to Virginia
Find out the questions that you need answer to before moving and look for those answers on time

Ask the right questions about moving to Virginia in order to be ready for your move

The most important thing that you are going to have to do before you start preparing for your move is to find out what you need to pay attention to. This means that knowing the right questions about moving to Virginia is crucial for your process of preparation. These questions can be about multiple subjects such as available storage Virginia can offer, moving practices, or choosing a trustworthy moving company to hire. Simply, the range of questions to ask is very wide. Therefore, it is important to ask the right ones. 

Today, we are going to answer those that we find the most common and the most important. They are the following:

  • Should you always ask for a free moving estimate?
  • Are there different types of estimates?
  • What is an Order of Service?
  • What is a Bill of Lading?
  • How important is insurance when moving?
  • Should you pack by yourself?

Should you always ask for a free moving estimate?

The first question that we are going to address is the importance of obtaining free moving estimates before signing any kind of deals. It is according to the moving estimates that you will be able to manage your moving budget. In the end, you will agree on how important this is.

So, the answer to the first question is yes. Yes, you should make sure to obtain moving estimates from all moving companies that you are considering hiring. Moving estimates have become a standard in the moving industry. Without them, the long-distance moving company can easily scam you and rip you off. This is the reason why trustworthy moving companies always proactively conduct these estimates. If a mover declines to provide you with one, move along to the next one.

dollar bills
Ask for an estimate to be able to manage your moving budget

Finding out about two types of estimates is among the most important questions about moving to Virginia

The next thing that we are going to talk about is the two types of estimates: binding and non-binding. Regardless of whether you may be looking to move locally or farther away, you may receive either type of a moving estimate for your residential relocation. Which one should you aim for? Well, there is an evident difference between the two.

  • A non-binding moving estimate is the one that is going to provide you with a projected price that the mover should not exceed by more than 10%. This one is based on the number of items that need to be moved.
  • On the other hand, a binding moving estimate is based on the constructive weight of the load. This price is binding and cannot be exceeded.

You should receive either of the two in writing.

What is the Order of Service

The next on the list of frequently asked questions about moving to Virginia is the one about the Order of Service. What is it really?

Order of Service is a document that every mover needs to prepare before the load has been shipped. It is going to contain the necessary information about the items loaded, but it is not a contract. Of course, you are entitled to a copy of this document.

man signing documents
Do not sign any documents until you have read them

What is a Bill of Lading?

Unlike the Order of Service, Bill of Lading does represent a contract. Therefore it is important that you receive it before the moving company starts loading your items. Also, you are going to have to sign it first, just like the mover. Hold on to your copy until the very end of interactions with the moving company. This means that you should not discard it until you are certain that all of your possible claims have been addressed.

How important is insurance when moving

A quick answer to this question would be yes, insurance is very important. After all, it really is.

Insurance is the only thing that can compensate in the case that anything should happen to your belongings. Should anything get broken or lost, insurance will cover it. So it is important to hire a moving company that is insured, bonded, and licensed. In the case that you may need help determining which one meets these criteria, contact the Better Business Bureau. They will be able to help you out.

Should you pack by yourself

This is one of the questions about moving to Virginia that you are going to have to answer yourself knowing your own packing skills. Obviously, it is a good idea to task professionals with it. Still, in the case that you know how to do it properly yourself, just do it.

Keep asking questions about moving to Virginia

Today, we tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about moving to Virginia. Hopefully, your move is going to be easier to organize with the answers that we have provided you with.