Fun activities for newcomers in the DC area

Welcome to Washington DC! The capital of the United States is something different to experience. Especially when you live there. We hope that your move went smoothly, and if you called our Allstate Moving and Storage – we know it did. Adjusting to a new city can be hard on anyone, regardless of the reasons behind the move. You may feel sad and anxious, or worry if you are going to fit in? Maybe you constantly compare Washington to your hometown, notice how different people are? This is your first time living in the DC area so you should know – DC is fun! There are many fun things to do all year long, and we are sure that at least some will suit you. We want you to enjoy Washington as much as anyone, so we want to help out! Here are some fun activities for newcomers in the DC area.

Cultural (and fun) activities for newcomers

Washington DC is home to some of the world’s most famous buildings. White House, the Washington Monument, and Smithsonian museums are just some of them. If you love exploring museums, interesting buildings, and theatres this one is for you! Check out local movers Washington DC and start your life in our history-rich capital.

lincoln statue
One of the fun activities for newcomers in the DC area is definitely Lincoln Memorial!

National Mall

We’re sure that you already know about National Mall. Or that you have seen it 100 times in movies. However, for a DC newcomer, this is a must. Spend your day soaking in the history and majestic monuments and museums. You will probably have to come again (and again) to see everything, but trust us- it’s worth it.

The White House

Despite being a part of the National Mall, this one deserves a separate mention. Give yourself a lesson in the nations’ history, see the home of our presidents and perhaps hear some good gossip! Every DC newcomer should experience the White House.

Jazz garden is one of the most fun activities for newcomers

Fan of the great music? Look no further! The weather gets nice and the nights get longer, so Jazz garden steps in. During the summer all Friday evenings are dedicated to quality jazz and everybody loves it. National Gallery of Art organizes the events, and they are completely free! If this sounds interesting, be sure to check out Kennedy Center as well.


DC locals are proud of their city and the activities it offers to everyone. Make sure to stay smart by taking advantage of many learning chances in the city! There are many libraries, but you should definitely start with the Congress Library. Thousands of books, interesting people, and free entrance! What more could you ask for? Maybe you are a book worm and looking to safely store your collection? Don’t worry- we got you! Our storage units Washington DC are there to clear your space, so go on and buy those new books!

boarding is one of the fun activities for newcomers
Make sure to rent a board and enjoy the outdoors without even leaving the city!

Outdoors activities for newcomers

Sporty types, brace yourselves! DC area and the town itself are heavens for outdoor activities. Here are some, but we count on you to discover more during your stay.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Also known as the Zoo, this one is a perfect fun activity for newcomers. National Zoological Park is one of the first zoos in the United States and home to many amazing species! It’s open 364 days a year and entrance is free, so dedicate one afternoon to the animals- you will love it.

Rock Creek Park

Extending over 1800 acres, Rock Creek Park is a place where everyone can connect with nature. Perfect for both locals and newcomers to the DC area, it’s famous for its hiking and biking trails! Explore the site of the Civil War battle and Pierce mill, or play a round of golf!

Watersports for everyone

Washington is located on two rivers: Potomac and Anacostia. You can’t swim (it’s illegal so watch out!), but there are many other fun activities. You can kayak, ride a stand-up board or rent a paddleboat.

East Potomac Park Rec Center

If the watersports section made you miss swimming- don’t worry! There are a few activities you can do in East Potomac Park Rec Center, so here are the highlights.

  • Swimming – equipped with an amazing pool, Potomac Rec Center is perfect for escaping the heat waves. Make sure to get there in time though!
  • Golfing – this is one of the most fun activities for newcomers and locals alike.
  • Tennis

And all this for free!

street with murals in washington
DC area is full of amazing architecture and places to enjoy. Make sure to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss anything!

Fun activities for newcomers who love food and drinks

Foodies, don’t worry- we didn’t forget you! DC area is famous for great restaurants and breweries, so here are some of our ideas for start.

DC area markets are simply the best

Buy the fresh ingredients and meet the locals in some of the many DC markets. There are a Maine Avenue Fish Market, Eastern, and Union markets, and if you are into it- a Georgetown Fleamarket!

Breweries and distilleries = delicious and fun activities for newcomers

Until 2006. there weren’t any breweries in the DC, so they came back with a bang! You can choose between six breweries, and they are even offering tours and tastings. Make sure to check out Bluejacket, Atlas, and D.C. Brau. For distilleries visit D.C. liqueur and New Columbia and drink responsibly!

Restaurants you must visit

All those fun activities can leave you feeling hungry, so we’ll finish this one with a few suggestions! Grab a bite in some of the famous food trucks, Rose’s Luxury, Busboys and Poets, and Toki Underground.

Those were some of the fun activities for newcomers in the DC area. We’re sure that you already love DC after this, so call our long distance movers Washington DC and make the capital your home. Then you’ll be able to enjoy all these perks and more.

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