Fun things you can do in DC on a smaller budget

Washington DC is famous for being an expensive city. Therefore, this destination isn’t the cheapest place to travel to. Does that mean that you cannot do fun things on a budget? Definitely no! Even though it might take a little bit more effort to find these attractions, they are worth it. Not everything cheap is bad. Moving with Allstate Moving and Storage has an affordable price and good quality services. After you relocate, you will probably wonder about fun things you can do in DC. This guide will give you ideas that won’t make you go over your budget.

Take a free walking tour

If you want to stretch out your legs after moving with some local movers Washington DC, this is the perfect thing to do. Several companies offer guided walking tours. Many of the available tours are free, while others have a really low price point. DC By Foot is the highest-rated company with whom you can see traditional monuments and specific topics alike. As you can see, fun things you can do in DC can also be free.

Tourist enjoying one of the fun things you can do in DC
Walking tours are a nice recreation

Visit the White House

This is the most famous site you can visit in DC after moving with some long distance movers Washington DC, and it is completely free. But there is a catch, time. If you want to see this important monument, you have to book a tour well in advance. You can book up to three months in advance and no less than 21 days in advance. Even though it might seem like an exaggeration, a lot of people want to visit it. In case you are one of them, make sure to request it on time.

Nature lovers will love the National Zoo as one of the fun things you can do in DC

The National Zoo is open 365 days a year, and it is completely free. Since it is free of charge and it includes animals, it is one of the perfect fun things you can do in DC. Throughout the 163 acres, you can see 2,700 animals, including:

  • Sea lions
  • Sumatran tigers
  • Asian elephants

Even though the entrance is free, there is a fixed parking fee of $25. You can always avoid this by using public transportation or catching a taxi.

The Holocaust Museum

In case you want to add a highly worthwhile and impactful visit to your trip, this one is a must. The Holocaust Memorial Museum uses artifacts, videos, and photos to tell the story. Tickets are only needed if you plan to visit from March to August. Even without a ticket during these times, you can hear a Holocaust survivor tell their story.

Picture of a holocaust memorial
It will add a somber tone to your trip, but it is worth it

Fun things you can do in DC – conclusion

Certainly, fun things you can do in DC can also be expensive and fancy, but sometimes people have to stay within a budget. If you have moved recently and rented some storage units Washington DC, you will for sure want to save some money while having a good time. And this is the perfect way to do it.