Genius hacks and solutions for moving furniture

Most people need to relocate their furnishings once in a while, whether they are moving to a nearby town, another state, or simply upstairs. Sometimes, moving can prove to be a serious headache.  There are many common mistakes, like forgetting to get the necessary equipment and supplies, not scheduling a truck, or doing everything at the last moment. But with professional moving and storage Baltimore, you can avoid them. In this guide, we will share with you some genius hacks and solutions for moving furniture. It’s neither the safest nor the simplest task to complete, but it can be done with some guidance. Let’s begin with the basics.

Start by creating a plan

Planning should be your first step when relocating bulky items, yet many leave them out. Let’s be honest, it’s not the most exciting. But it is the most important hack for furniture relocation. Put the furniture that needs to be moved on a list. That will help you create a clear picture of how you should proceed. Furthermore, consider consulting acquaintances with some moving experience about the minor details. To make things efficient, you can make a floor plan and transport things in such order that bottlenecks never happen.

A woman making a plan on a piece of paper.
Making a good plan is essential.

Get some help from your loved ones

If you need to move too much heavy furnishing, getting an extra pair of hands makes things much easier. Doing heavy lifting alone is not only dangerous but unnecessarily complicated as well. Your friends and family can provide invaluable help. Since most children love to participate, especially when it comes to taking things apart, you can show them how to safely operate tools. Also, having some company helps mitigate stress. One more thing, your loved ones can even lend you their special equipment, or even a vehicle, and you can spare yourself from visiting your local tool shop.

Acquiring the most effective equipment is an important step of all solutions for moving furniture

Once the plan is ready and help is on the way, time is right to get your hands on important tools. It’s not unusual that hard work requires some serious gear. To follow our tips and tricks for furniture relocating, it’s great to have the following:

  • measuring tape
  • moving dolly
  • furniture sliders
  • lifting straps or rope
  • right tools for furniture disassembly
  • other equipment and supplies needed for furniture moving solutions

By getting your hands on the items on the list above, you are ready to face every obstacle. Most gadgets are straightforward to use. Even though they will make your move easier, it’s important to use the proper technique as it all still depends on the person operating them.

A picture containing tools and instructions on a box.
Tape, tools, and instruction manuals are essential for disassembling furniture.

Work smart, not hard with our furniture moving hacks

When it’s finally time to execute the plan, make sure to put your head to work, not only your back. You can always contact professional movers if you need solid advice. When a problem presents itself try to listen to your helpers for any potential solutions for moving furniture and brainstorm ideas together. Using brute force to overcome the lack of planning, equipment, or patience, can more often than not prove counterproductive.

Put your measuring tape to use

How awkward would it be if you did everything correctly but when it came to carrying furniture out of your house you found out that it can’t fit through the door? To make sure that doesn’t happen, utilize the measuring tape. Carefully measure the furnishings that will be transported whole, since they are at most risk of getting stuck. A good example would be a long table or a piano. Also, measure any doors as well, so if you have to take the doorways off, you can do it in advance.

Disassembling is one of the key solutions for moving furniture

Often, some items prove to be a huge headache, and there is no other choice but to dismantle bulky furniture as a way to relocate it. Regardless of whether it can’t go through the doorway, or it’s simply too heavy or unwieldy, that’s the smart thing to do. If you want to save time and money, perhaps consider using our packing services MD. During each step of taking furniture apart, take a quick picture. This furniture disassembling tip will come in handy later when reassembling. Even more so when the task is not straightforward or instruction manuals aren’t available. Make sure to prepare cardboard boxes of various sizes, tape, or any other supplies that will help you pack them in advance. Packing your things correctly also makes them safe from damage during transport.

Movers relocating a sofa, one of the best solutions for moving furniture.
For many people, one of the best solutions for moving furniture is hiring movers.

Put your health above all else

While following our hacks and tips for relocating furniture, always follow these safety principles. Make sure you are in good shape for carrying and pushing things around. When carrying unwieldy furnishings, you should keep them closer to your center of balance. Holding things close makes tripping and dropping objects much harder. Additionally, wear suitable footwear, for all the same reasons. Making use of specialized equipment further reduces any chances of things going south. Furthermore, if anyone is helping you, try to give them work suitable for them, so there is minimal risk of injury. These furniture relocating safety tips will hopefully keep you from getting strained back or broken toes, or any other potential trip to the ER.

Most important furniture relocation tip – hire movers

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to turn to long distance movers Baltimore for help. We offer you our supplies, equipment, transport, pairs of hands, and more. Giving moving professionals a call can make your relocation significantly easier, and provide many solutions for moving furniture. Our service is safe, affordable, reliable, and can be tailored to your needs and expectations. Together, we can make it an exciting and painless experience. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for more information.

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