Guide to downsizing in Virginia

Regardless if you’re going to move, or you already completed your move to Virginia you need to think about space. And whether you’re trying out a minimalist lifestyle or you’re forced to downsize because you’re moving to a smaller place, there are steps that could facilitate that process. Before the moving company Baltimore can get to work, decide on what can go and what needs to stay. The process can be very difficult as there are also many items that have sentimental value to you. For that reason, we’ve decided to make a guide to downsizing in Virginia. Here are just some ways to declutter your home easier.

Guide to downsizing in Virginia – Create a plan

Having a plan is very important. Furthermore, start to think about decluttering as early as you can give you additional clarity. For a successful downsizing process, you need to have goals that are according to your and your family’s needs and wishes. For that reason, even before you start packing or unpacking you need to have an idea of what can fit where and what is an absolute necessity. Take a good look at your home and try to imagine that all the space will be shrunk down. What would you keep and what would you throw out of your Virginia home? Asking important questions can make your job so much easier.

Piece of paper with make it happen written on it
Start off by having a good plan

Guide to downsizing in Virginia – Organize items

When decluttering your Virginia home you need to keep in mind what can go and what needs to stay. For that reason, you need to ask yourself some important questions. For example, silverware can be bought again, but if a set of silverware has been handed down in your family then it has some sentimental value and it’s irreplaceable. So you always need to ask yourself questions. Can something be replaced if you throw it away? Does something has more than just a monetary value? Depending on your answers you can divide the items into three categories:


Before decluttering your new home in Virginia you need to have a list of items you’ll keep. Try to figure out what has value to you and would be a good pick to bring anywhere. If anything else, try to imagine everything broken. What would you miss the most or try to fix as fast as possible? Only by asking important questions and answering them sincerely can you find out what stuff you just can’t live without.


While you’re in the process of downsizing your home in Virginia, why wouldn’t you make some money out of it? If you have items that you don’t have space for any more or you know won’t be needing them as much you can sell them. Create a fun yard sale or put them on an online auction so you can get some cash for the. And who knows, downsizing your Virginia home might bring you in some profits.


If you’re more of a philanthropist maybe you will be keener to donate the belongings that you don’t need anymore. There are many places that you can check out online to donate be it furniture or clothes you didn’t wear for some time. And let’s be completely honest. After a long-distance move or any type of move for that matter, you don’t need extra stuff that only makes your space feel smaller. Besides, the holiday season can be a perfect time for donating.

Guide to downsizing in Virginia – Storage space

If you really want to improve space in your Virginia home then you should consider some extra storage space. Obviously, that storage space doesn’t necessarily need to be a storage unit. It can also be a basement or garage. Items that you know you will need later should be put in a safe space, wherever that might be. Here are some useful tips that can make downsizing your Virginia home easier.

Garage with a car in it
A garage can be a great way to store items you don’t need immediately

Storage unit

If you have some items like musical instruments or furniture that is expensive and has sentimental value to you, the best pick for you could be to put them into a storage unit. There, everything is behind a lock and safe. Besides that, there are many other benefits that services of storage Virginia can provide. On the downside, you will have to invest some money into storage, but knowing your most precious items are safe doesn’t have a price tag.

Storing options in your house

If you don’t want to invest in a storage unit or just don’t have the means to do it, there are other options. Your garage is the perfect place to temporarily keep some of your unwanted items. Other places you can remodel so more things can fit in a room. For example, putting on some plastic hooks on your kitchen cupboard might be a good choice. It can be used for smaller items so only bigger and more important stuff can stay under your kitchen sink.

Guide to downsizing in Virginia – Digitize what you can

You might be surprised how many people have old paperwork in the house. Be it some old tax documents or important photos of you and your family everything can be put on a computer nowadays. So our advice is that you scan everything that you deem extremely important to you. There are many online drives that can be used to store your data. For that reason, make use of the era we live in and let the power of computers and the internet help you in your mission to get rid of excess papers.

Girl looking at her computer
Scan every important document to help you to downsize in Virginia

Guide to downsizing in Virginia – Go room by room

One of the best things you can do when you decide to downsize and declutter your new home in Virginia is to go slow. That implies that you take one room at a time, or even closet by closet if you think if you have tons of stuff around. This approach can help you tackle a big challenge like creating an optimal space for you to live in. For the best result, start from the most cluttered room, as you will feel better knowing that something is getting done step-by-step.

Decluttering is one of the best things you can do when you’re moving to a smaller place or just decide to take up less space. You can start with smaller things to make the job easier and steadily move on to more important and bigger things. We are sure that by following our guide to downsizing in Virginia you’ll be able to open up more space. Use the newly found space wisely and enjoy your Virginia home care-free.

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