Guide to getting a self-storage insurance

There might be a time when you need to use a storage unit. Americans in particular love to store their items in storage Washington DC. It is very practical. If you live in a small house or apartment, then you might not have enough storage space. In addition to this, you might need to move or renovate. Then, you should find a place where to store your items for a couple of days and weeks. Storage units should provide necessary protection for your belongings. However, storage units do not come with insurance. For this reason, here is a guide to getting self-storage insurance.  

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Find the best self-storage insurance for your items

Reasons to get a self-storage insurance  

First, you should read about the reasons for having insurance.  

  • Storing valuable items – it does not matter whether it is sentimental or monetary value, you should protect your items by getting insurance. 
  • Extreme weather – hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes can damage your items.  
  • Thefts – you should find a storage facility with good security measures. You can ask your local movers Washington DC to recommend such a facility. However, renting a storage unit that has all the best security features decreases the possibility of theft but it does not prevent it completely. Therefore, get insurance.  
  • A storage facility might require it – storage facilities need to protect themselves as well. For this reason, they might demand that you get insurance, especially if you plan to store valuable items. That is why you should see if your facility has the same policy.  

How to get the insurance you need 

You have several choices. First, you can your insurance company to ask about your options. Maybe your storage facility will accept your current homeowners’ insurance. See with your agent at the insurance company of your policy can cover your items. Maybe you will need to pay for a small additional fee so your insurance will be valid. In addition to this, some storage facilities will ask for a copy of the Declaration Page. This document shows that your coverage extends off-site as well. If you cannot extend your coverage off-site, then, look for another insurance provider. People at a storage facility should recommend a couple of providers where you can get your insurance. Then, it is time to check your options. See the coverage limit, the inventory restrictions, and policy rules. Lastly, check what items this insurance covers and under which circumstances.  

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Work with your insurance provider to find the best solution for your items

Insurance rates  

Lastly, it is important to talk about prices. Your price will depend on the value of your items, the location, the movers Baltimore you hire, etc. Insurance should not be expensive. It starts at $12 per month for $3,000 worth of coverage while you can pay $16 per month for $5,000 worth of coverage. This is premium coverage. If you add liability or flood insurance, it will be a little bit more expensive. For this reason, research your options well. Read carefully before signing anything. Make sure your items are well-protected.