Guide to helping seniors deal with homesickness

Whether you are moving due to necessity or by your own choice, it is going to be tough adjusting and having some homesickness is unavoidable. It will be exactly the same for your parents, grandparents, or other seniors in your life. So it would be good to help them deal with homesickness. Especially if they are having trouble with sleep or anxiety, and lack of appetite. Those are all clear signs that they are most likely suffering from homesickness. That is why it is important to keep an eye out for such things after Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland finish taking care of the move. And if they are homesick help them. There are some good ways of helping seniors deal with homesickness; here are some of them.

Before helping seniors deal with homesickness try to understand the issue

One of the main causes of homesickness is the lack of control over their life and surroundings. It is a big change to adjust to and a hard one to accept. Then there is the problem of fitting in new surroundings with a lot of strangers. That is hard to do, especially when they are already feeling homesick and unhappy. And of course, it is inevitable that they miss their friends and neighbors. This is one of the hardest parts of moving for anyone. That is why it is important to be there for them when long distance movers Virginia finish their move and they are in the adjustment period to their new home. Understanding the causes for their homesickness will make it easier to find ways to help them deal with it and to get integrated into their new home.

Find a good senior living community for them

One of the best ways to help seniors deal with homesickness is to find them a good place for them to live in. And to do this you have to take into account many things. From what they like to do, their hobbies, and the things they would like to try and would enjoy. So you might want a place that has those things, whether it’s a place with a pool or some specific things like a cinema. And lastly the type of people that are there; you can get a guided tour of the place to see all the features and you can maybe talk with the people too. This way you can tell whether they would fit in there or not. There is a lot of senior living communities. So it shouldn’t be that hard to find one that would suit them and which they would enjoy.

Person using a laptop to research and helping seniors deal with homesickness
Making sure that they are moving into a good senior community will make a big difference

Being honest and listening to them is a good way to help

Aside from helping them with the move and figuring out things like how long it takes to pack a house for moving, just talking honestly to them is sometimes the best thing to do. Being open and honest about uncomfortable things is a good way to help seniors deal with homesickness. Instead of avoiding those things, being there for them and listening will help a lot. So acknowledge their emotions and let them complain and tell you how they feel. It will feel good having someone to listen to and acknowledge their emotions. And they will appreciate the emotional support. It is important to support them and be there for them through the whole thing, it will mean a lot. This is one of the best ways to help them deal with homesickness, it will make a big difference and help them settle in easier and faster.

You can help seniors deal with homesickness by making their new place feel like home

This is a good way to help seniors deal with homesickness and to make it easier for them to settle in and feel more comfortable in their new home. There are many small ways to make their new place feel more like home. You can make sure that they bring objects that hold emotional value and good memories, whether that is some furniture or some smaller things to which they are attached. You can hang family pictures in their new home, this will make a big difference. Adding color to the place can affect their mood and energy, so get some warm-colored furniture or pillows, or maybe hang some colorful pieces of art on the wall. If you rented storage Virginia to leave some of their things there, ask them what they would like to have in their new home and bring it.

Room with bed and purple bed linen
Making their new place more colorful will help with the mood

A great way of helping seniors deal with homesickness is making sure they stay in touch with their friends

Despite the distance, they can still easily stay in touch with their friends. You can set them up with a tablet or something similar so that they can easily video call their friends anytime. This will help a lot with the feeling of loneliness that is inevitable. And it will make it easier for them to adjust to their new home.

Man and woman sitting on sofa while looking at a tablet
Staying in touch with friends will help a lot with homesickness

Include them in the moving process

Making sure that they feel included in the moving process and have a say in it is a good way of helping seniors deal with homesickness. Because they will feel like they are more in control and are making decisions too. And one of the toughest parts of moving to a senior living community is the feeling of lack of control. You can help them get free moving boxes and other moving supplies. You are most likely going to be doing most of the packing, but include them in the process, ask what they want to bring with them, and what they want to leave behind. And then you can agree on what to do with the things that are left behind, those that they don’t want to keep you can get rid of in many ways. But make sure that they agree. Some of the most common ways are:

  • Giving them to friends and family
  • Recycling them
  • Selling them
  • Donating to charities

Be careful with the tasks you leave to the seniors – don’t let them overexert themselves physically or carry heavy things. They are, after all, more fragile than most people and you have to keep their health in mind.

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