Guide to moving a gym to a new location

Working out and staying in shape is the goal of a lot of people. Gyms open left and right as more people try to create healthier habits. But what to do when moving a gym to a new location? Don’t worry because it can all be done without any problems. In fact, we at Allstate Moving and Storage have decided to create a simple guide on how to tackle this endeavor. From finding the right people for the job to figuring out how to handle the heavy equipment there’s everything you need in it. Just be careful as the items that seem hardest to move are usually the most delicate ones. But with help of our reputable movers and these tips you’ll get your gym to its new place in no time.

When moving a gym hire professionals

If you really want a stressless move, then hiring reputable movers is the right choice for you. By virtue of working out in a gym, you already know that the equipment can be heavy, expensive, and fragile. So no need to sweat more than you already do, call up our long distance movers Washington DC and they will get the job done in no time. A trustworthy moving company always has special tools for items like gym equipment. Another bonus of hiring movers is that they can offer you insurance for your equipment. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, if you try to reassemble or disassemble your equipment by yourself, know that the insurance will be invalid. That’s one more reason to leave everything to the pros.

Mover writing down what he packed
When moving a gym you’ll need professional movers

Clean everything up before and after the move

Before you start your gym relocation it’s time to get everything clean. You want your old equipment at your new location, but not the old germs and bacteria. Another reason to clean and wipe down all the equipment is to help it stay in good condition. Especially the bigger exercising machines will get damaged or broken more easily if they’re full of dust. This is also the perfect time to check every machine that is broken or has a part that is loose. Repairing them now will save you a ton of work when you relocate. In the end, you can always choose professional cleaners and do it yourself to save money if you’re up for the task.

Packing and moving your weights

Your dumbells and weights can be pretty heavy but can be packed and moved pretty easily. The only thing you really need is boxes where you can fit everything and that can sustain all the pounds. It also won’t hurt to get some newspaper, bubble wrap, or towels in which you can put everything in. You really won’t need packing services for this part of the relocation, as long you do it well. Our tip is to use as many boxes as you can. Taking everything into one box is actually exposing your weights to more risk. In the best case, you’ll get your equipment damaged and in the worst scenario, it can get somebody injured.

Smaller weights
Packing your weights might seem difficult, but it’s surprisingly easy

Preparing your treadmills when moving a gym

Know that you got the smaller items inside the boxes, it’s time for the more heavy stuff. If you don’t have the help of movers, you’ll need to ask for help when moving them. When it comes to the treadmill, it’s important to clean it up and disconnect all the wires. After that fold the treadmill and cover it up. If you’re moving it to storage units Washington DC or directly to the new gym safety needs to be always first. Try to protect it as much as you can so it doesn’t get damaged during the moving process. And of course, watch out because it’s very heavy.

Packing and moving your elliptical

In comparison to the treadmill, an elliptical is really big and can’t fold. Disassembling all the hardware, pedals and handles will make it easier for movers or you to lift it up. You can do it with a screwdriver, but be careful to not damage the machine. Of course, try to put all the screws and bolts inside a special bag that is labeled accordingly. An elliptical machine will be very hard to lift up if you don’t take its heavy parts separately. And don’t forget to cover it up so it doesn’t get damaged inside the moving truck.

Elliptical machines
Packing up your elliptical machines can be challenging

How to pack and move your stationary bike

One of the most popular workout machines in a gym is the stationary bike. And even with movers, they are popular too! Not because they give strength to your legs, but because they are pretty easy to load into the moving truck. The only safety you need is a blanket to prevent unnecessary scratches. You can always get sliders from online shops if you need extra floor protection. That’s mostly advice for home gyms, but it won’t hurt to do it in your brand new gym.

A gym is a very important part of people’s lives. If you want more customers and people training in your gym you need everything to be perfect. And the same goes when moving. For that reason, follow our advice on tackling problems when moving a gym and we’re sure everything is going to be in perfect shape when the moving truck arrives at the new location. There’s nothing better than opening a new gym in style, so make sure everything is done well. We wish you a good move and hope your clients will sweat more than our movers in your relocated gym.