Guide to moving into a high-rise apartment

Moving into a new home can be difficult. You have to carry inside all the heavy and bulky items. In addition to this, you need to figure out what to do with items that cannot pass through the doorframe. The solution is simple. Use the windows instead. This is quite easy if you are moving into a house. However, the situation becomes complicated if you are moving into a high-rise building. A high-rise building is a building that is higher than 75 feet or has more than 7 stories. Then, you can imagine that you cannot use the window for your furniture. For this reason, here is a guide to moving into a high-rise apartment 

Follow the rules when moving into a high-rise apartment 

Every building is densely populated. When you have a high-rise, the situation is even worse. For this reason, it is not simple to move into a high-rise apartment. You should not bother other residents with your relocation. This is hard to achieve when there is a large number of people living there. That is why you should follow the rules and regulations of your new building. For example, some high-rise buildings do not allow pets, while others do not have a rule against moving in with pets. Before you start moving, get all the important information regarding the moving process. Every high-rise building has already established rules about moving. Therefore, it is important to learn them so you can move in without bothering other residents. You will present yourself as a good new neighbor If you respect the rules and regulations. 

moving into a high-rise apartment means following no parking rules
Follow the rules in order to avoid paying fines

Make reservations 

The most important rule when it comes to moving into a high-rise apartment – make reservations. If you forget to do the same, you will risk getting a fine. This is certainly not a good start of your life in your new apartment. In addition to this, some buildings state that you have to contact the building management before your move. A building manager should know when to expect you so they can notify other residents and make the other arrangements. Apart from notifying a building manager, you should reserve a parking space. This way movers Frederick MD can park their moving truck immediately without wasting time looking for a parking spot. If you can, make sure the parking space is close to the building. Lastly, reserve the building elevator. Check if your building has a freight elevator designed for moving large and heavy items. 

Create more space when moving into a high-rise apartment 

Apartments are always smaller than a house. If you are downsizing by moving into a new apartment, then you know that all your items will not fit into your new. For this reason, you should decide what to bring with you. Before the move, do an inventory and separate your items into three piles. 

  • Items to move – make sure you pack them properly before movers Ellicott City MD come to pick them up. 
  • Sell/donate pile – you can either sell or donate items that you will no longer use but they have to be in good condition. Organize a garage sale or sell them on the Internet. In addition to this, contact charities to see if they will accept your items. 
  • Items to throw away/store – you should throw away items in bad condition or store large furniture for future use. 
brown wooden table in the living room
Choose which piece of furniture to bring with you

The furniture issues 

Even if you store your large furniture, you still need to bring some to your new apartment. Due to limited space, you have to choose what to move. Apart from this, it is challenging to deliver your items. If there is no freight elevator in your building, then movers will have to find another way to get your heavy and large items up to the seventh floor. Of course, this is not free. You will have to pay an additional fee, called a flight fee. In addition to this, you have to see if your furniture can fit through the doorframe. Get your measuring tape and start measuring. The best solution is to disassemble every piece of furniture if you can. This way, disassembled pieces are neither too heavy or large. Therefore, they will fit through every doorframe. Lastly, make a plan with your movers. 

Find a reliable moving company 

As you can see, you will depend on your movers’ help. For this reason, it is extremely important to find reliable movers. When you are searching for a moving company, make sure to read moving reviews. Look for reviews that mention moving into a high-rise apartment. This way, you can narrow down your search. It would be wise to find movers that already have experience with this type of move. In addition to this, check if they have a license issued by the FMSCA. You can also check their track record by visiting the official website of the BBB. Once you contact several moving companies, ask them about high-rise buildings. Lastly, before you sign a moving contract, make sure to read it carefully. Look for any additional fees that you might have to pay, like the already mentioned flight fee. Ask movers about the hidden fees as well. 

man in brown jacket beside car
Find reliable movers to help with your move

Ensure your safety when moving into a high-rise apartment 

When you are about to move into your new apartment, make sure to check the safety of your home. This means check your door locks, windows, electronic locks, and so on. You should install a burglar alarm as well. In addition to this, set up a fire alarm, check your fire extinguisher, and child-proof or pet-proof your apartment. If you find anything that is not working properly, notify a building manager. Lastly, you should clean your new apartment. This way, you can check your apartment more thoroughly. See if every inch of your place is in good condition. If not, again you should notify a building manager.