Guide to moving out for the first time

Moving out for the first time can be an event full of joy, but at the same time very stressful. Because you don’t have the safety net of your parents taking care of everything, a move requires your full attention. However, we at Allstate Moving and Storage believe that with a couple of simple tips your first move can go smoothly. Those tips include everything you need to know about packing, budgeting, and planning. The first move out of your home might seem overwhelming, but sticking to a good plan will make it easier. Here are just some things you need to think about before your big step.

Learn how to budget

One of the most important skills in life is budgeting. When you learn to have your finances under control everything becomes easier. The same goes for moving. A good move is built on a foundation that is a well-planned budget. Here are just some factors to consider when creating a moving budget:

  • Rent and bills –  Paying your deposit, having money for a couple of months worth of rent, and having money for bills on top can make your first move feel more relaxing.
  • Moving expenses – You’ll need to set aside money for moving insurance, hiring reputable residential movers, packing materials, and other necessities for a successful move.
  • Other expenses – It’s not a bad idea to have some more money for unexpected expenses. That can be used for groceries, car payments, or if something like a heater breaks. Having some cash for additional stuff is never a bad idea.
100 dollar bills
Make sure you budget in everything you need when moving out for the first time

Moving out for the first time may require you to hire professional movers

Any type of move requires time, dedication, and focus. Especially when it comes to moving out for the first time. That’s why a DIY move isn’t really the best choice you can make. Obviously, hiring Virginia local movers will make the job much easier and less stressful. If you’re on a tight budget try to get as many moving quotes as you can. Find the company that fits your needs the most and don’t only focus on the price tag.

Job hunt

When you decide to leave your home for the first time, many trials can come your way. One of the biggest challenges is your financial stability after your move. Searching for a job can take a lot of time and effort, but your success depends mostly on your skills and how marketable they are. Moving sometimes means climbing the corporate ladder from the beginning again. So be prepared to do some entry-level work at the start. Our advice is to always find a job before moving and above all one that covers your monthly expenses. If that’s not the case, the best thing to do is to postpone the move for some time.

Girl looking for a job on her laptop
Even before you move you can search for a job in your new area

Look for affordable housing

Looking for your housing options is one of the first things you need to do if you’re seriously thinking about moving out. There are many factors that influence the price of housing. For example, the location changes the price tag a lot. If you live in a big house in Virginia and even use storage Virginia services, it might cost you the same as living in a much smaller house in LA and without storage. If you’ve got a set location in mind, but don’t have the budget for it there’s a solution. Try to find a roommate to divide the expenses, but if you can it’s always better to move alone.

Moving out for the first time with the help of friends will be much easier

If you’re moving down the street or somewhere nearby, why wouldn’t you ask your friends for help? Sometimes being too shy or overconfident in your capabilities can make the move even harder. Of course, you need to have in mind that everyone has their own schedule. For that reason, try to inform your friends that you need them as soon as possible. It will make the job easier to organize, and more people will respond in a positive manner. In the end, don’t forget to buy some pizzas and drinks for everyone as a way to say thank you.

List your belongings

Everyone that ever moved will tell you that before you move you should declutter. It’s the perfect opportunity to find out what your real necessities are. For that reason, before you start packing put everything you own on a piece of paper and divide it into three groups. For example, you can donate old furniture or clothes you don’t fit in anymore or just don’t wear that much. Other items might have value for you and you can decide to sell them. And why not make some money when moving? In the end, there are items that you absolutely need. Those are items that you can’t function without so pack them first and label them accordingly.

Man writing in his notebook
List everything you need to take with you on your big move

Think about safety first when moving out for the first time

When moving day arrives people are very excited, but they forget just how difficult a move can be. And if you take into consideration that it’s your first move it can seem even more daunting. For that reason, hiring professional and reputable movers will guarantee you a safe and successful relocation. If that’s not the route you want to go, then there are things you need to think about when moving out. Firstly, make sure the boxes are sealed and labeled properly, as that will make the unpacking process easier.  Keep your children and pets away as they can impede you or even get hurt. Another important task is to clear the exit pass to prevent damages and mishaps. You want your first-ever move to go as smoothly as possible.

Relocating is, in general, a big task. That task seems even bigger if you’re moving out for the first time from your home. We hope that our advice will help you out and make your move less stressful and more enjoyable for you. There are many problems that you can encounter, from a bad financial situation to not optimal logistics, but with support from your family or friends, problems will be easier to overcome. Have a fun move and all the best in your new life chapter!

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