Guide to moving to Laurel as a senior – what to expect?

For most people, aging brings a set of challenges and problems. Sometimes health problems can make it harder for an elderly person to live independently. In addition, there are financial difficulties that people can face. Also, children naturally live far from your home and it can also make them less connected to it. There are people who move frequently. On the other hand, some people stay in the same home for decades. Therefore when they need to move to a new place such as Laurel, they can feel anxious. As a result, moving can be even more difficult. Movers in Maryland can help a lot during the relocation process.  If you are a person moving closer to family and friends, there are some key steps you can take to make the move manageable. In this article learn how moving to Laurel as a senior can be easier.

a moving company van when moving to Laurel as a senior
It is always safer to hire a reliable moving company for long distance move

Finding movers when moving to Laurel as a senior

Moving is already hard enough. When moving as a senior it can be even harder. It may happen that your children live far away in a different country or continent. In addition, at the time when you need to move, they can be busy working or having some important tasks to finalize. You will need to start planning your move. Since you will certainly need help when moving, long-distance movers in Maryland can certainly assist you. Since movers have a lot of experience, they can help you with packing. It will be additional costs, but on the other hand, it will make the moving process easier. Movers will pack large furniture and kitchen appliances and take everything out into the truck. Also, double-check your moving arrangements. Reconfirm your scheduled appointment with your movers to ensure you know the time and date of the move.

Moving preparations

Once you choose a reliable moving company, the first thing that you should ask for is moving quotes.

to do list
Creating a to-do list can make the move even more successful

It is very important to get this document with definite moving expenses. You should ask and compare the quotes from several companies. Then you can decide which movers in Laurel are the best for you. The next step when moving to Laurel as a senior is creating a checklist. With a senior moving checklist, you can ensure you’re checking off each crucial item. It will give you a full perspective of the upcoming deadlines for your move, so you can stay on target. Therefore, start at least two months before the moving date. Make sure the new home provides accommodations for accessible design. Also, think about the future. Even though you may not need it at the moment, make access to your new home as easy as possible.

Start downsizing your home

Comfort, ease, and safety above all are the top priority for senior people during the relocation process. At the same time, the sentiment of moving away from the home where you raised your family or planted a garden for decades pulls at your heartstrings.

a couple sitting on a sofa
Downsizing home before packing can make moving much easier

It can also make you unsure about whether or not downsizing is the right decision. But downsizing is definitely the best solution. You would like to make your new home warm and cozy, but spacey at the same time. When you start downsizing there will be less work for them with packing and transporting. That means that you will pay less for the moving service and save some cash. Also, this may be the right time to leave the items you actually do not need but did not have the heart to get rid of.

To-do list after moving to Laurel as a senior

Of course, moving does not when the goods reach your new home. Basically, you need to start the whole process again with unpacking. For the unpacking process, we also suggest that you book the service with professional movers. Certainly, you can unpack smaller boxes. But when it comes to large items, such as wardrobes, refrigerators, washing machines, and so on, it is safer to let the professionals do the unpacking for you. The next thing on your to-do list after the move is to set up utilities and check up on the appliances. Regarding the rest of the items, use different labels and markers to know which room they belong to. When it comes to meeting new people, the first person you should meet is your new doctor. Therefore, book an appointment. Finally, say hello to your new neighbors and consider inviting them for a welcoming dinner.

Clean your new home before the arrival

We know that you will be busy doing lots of tasks regarding your relocation. However, do not forget to have a clean new home. As you will be moving long-distance there won’t be any chance to go there before the movers come and clean. The solution will be to hire cleaning services in Laurel to help you out with this. It is crucial to have your house clean before your belongings reach your new home. Professional movers will arrive with the boxes and take them immediately into your hall. It will be much easier while unpacking to immediately start setting things up in their place. For this reason, you will enjoy the unpacking process in your new, fresh and clean home. This will also save your time and energy which you will not have to spend on cleaning.

Moving to Laurel as a senior is a hard and complex task and requires a lot of time and preparation. You may feel more sentimental and it can be harder to adjust to such a big change. Therefore, start your physical and mental preparation for this. With the help of an experienced moving company, you will be in Laurel in no time. Once there, it’s a smart move to “elder-proof” your house to make it safer for an aging adult. Taking these steps and making modifications can prevent nasty accidents. Finally, make new friends with like-minded people through joining a church, civic, arts, or cultural organization or at the local senior center.