Guide to moving your book collection like a pro

Any book lover will tell you how much they love their books. For that reason, it’s important to know how to get around moving your book collection like a pro. Above all, there are potential problems that can be avoided by using simple solutions. That’s why we from Allstate Moving and Storage want to help you out and give you some great advice on how to safely and successfully relocate your book collection. You will be happy knowing that it can be done without problems and that you’ll have your books kept safe.

Downsize before moving your book collection like a pro

When you’re moving it’s a good idea to have the least amount of heavy items as possible. That’s because you want to pack less and save money as much as you can. Unfortunately, books can get really heavy. For that reason, before calling up your Virginia local movers it’s not bad to revisit your book collection. Divide the collection into the books you will keep, the books you’ll sell, and the books you’ll donate. Places that will accept books are libraries, churches, second-hand shops, and other organizations. Of course, make sure that your books are in a good condition before giving them away.

Books on top of books
Get to downsizing before moving your book collection like a pro

Get the right packing materials

Before you can get to moving your book collection like a pro you need the right supplies. You can’t just pick random packing supplies and hope for the best. especially, if you’re moving hard-cover books. You want to have all the wrapping paper and tape in order to keep dust off books and to keep them safe inside the boxes. For example, our long-distance movers in Maryland will always tell you to keep them as safe as possible from damages. It’s important to keep your boxes as full as possible. If you can’t put books to fill them up completely because they’ll be too heavy, using packing paper or wrap is a good idea. In the worst-case scenario, you can use clothes, towels, or other similar materials to protect books and keep them steady.

Make sure to have the right moving boxes

Now that you know what to use to keep your moving boxes secure, you need to pick out the right ones. Books are actually very heavy when you put a lot of them on top of each other. For that reason, it’s not a good idea to use just any free moving box you found online or ones that you can potentially find next to trash bins. You need to find boxes that can really hold the weight. Small or medium-sized moving boxes will be ideal for this type of task. Just make sure the boxes are stable and you won’t have too many problems.

A girl holding a moving box
Get the right moving boxes for moving books

Moving your book collection like a pro is easier with labeling

Like with any type of item, packing and unpacking get so much easier if you label moving boxes. It makes sure that you know what the boxes contain and you won’t be surprised when you pick up a box and it is a bit heavy. If you are moving a big book collection maybe it’s best to divide them into several boxes. In that case, it’s not a bad idea to divide them numerically or in any other manner that makes sense to you. It takes less than five minutes to do and will save you a lot of time when you’re unpacking at your new home.

How to pack when moving your book collection like a pro?

You can’t just put random books inside boxes and hope that everything goes well. For that reason, it’s important to divide boxes in some way. Firstly, it’s a good idea to have separate boxes for hard and paper covered. They are not the same type of book and they don’t weigh the same. Another tip our packing service members can help you out with is that you put similar size books together and not just that but to put them on top of each other. By doing that you will have the much-needed stability during transport. And don’t forget to have some reading material for the road!

Prepare your book collection for storage

On the other hand, when you put your books away in storage for some time it’s important to keep them safely packed. As paper really isn’t something that will endure a lot of weather changes and generally any type of drastic change, it’s best to get storage Virginia as it has the best conditions to keep your books safe. Even a climate-controlled storage unit won’t be a bad idea for long-term storage. And don’t forget to use acid-free paper for extra security. It will surely protect your box better than an ordinary card box.

Storage facility
Take special care of the books you’ll put in storage

Make sure your book collection is among the first things to unpack

When unpacking you just don’t want to have a mountain of moving boxes laying around your house. For that reason, it’s important to start unpacking as fast as possible. If you’ve labeled boxes when you were packing that will help you out tremendously. Among the first things that should be out of the moving boxes are your books.  It will make your home look better and you’ll have less clutter around. And of course, if you’re a book lover you absolutely want to have your book collection in their place as soon as possible.

Moving is really a great time to see how many books you really have. To keep them safe you need to be moving your book collection like a pro and take all the protective measures. You will have your favorite books in your new home and a beautiful and big library will surely impress your friends and new neighbors. We hope that our tips and tricks will make the job easier for you as we know how much you love your book collection. good luck with moving!