Guide to packing and moving musical instruments

Musical instruments are quite fragile and delicate. They bring great joy to musicians. However, when you are moving they might cause a headache even when you have the help of professionals like Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland. It is in your interest to relocate instruments safely so they do not get damaged during the transit. In order to achieve this, make sure to follow this guide to packing and moving musical instruments 

brown piano
Make sure to pack your piano properly

Packing and moving musical instruments – Piano & Organ 

When moving large instruments, such as piano or organ, you can find moving companies that offer special moving services, like moving a piano. However, you can also find storage Virginia where you can put your instruments while you make your new house functional. As for packing and moving piano and organ, first secure the keyboard with moving straps. Disassemble all the parts you can and pack them separately. You can remove the lid, the lyre, and legs of a grand piano while upright pianos stay in one piece. On the other hand, remove the pedalboard and the bench from your organ. Then, use moving blankets and wrap the entire instrument. Use bubble wrapping for pedals and legs. Then, lift both instruments carefully on a dolly and keep it in the upright position. Lastly, tie-down both instruments and place them against the truck’s wall.  

Moving brass, woodwind instruments, and drums 

Let’s start with packing brass and woodwind instruments. First, disassemble the instruments into small parts. Then, you should place them inside their case. If you do not have the case, you can use a cardboard box and bubble wrapping. In addition to this, make padding from pillows, packing peanuts, and towels. Just make sure that packing peanuts do not get inside the instruments. As for packing drums, you need to use quality boxes as drums are heavy. Again, you should disassemble your drums. However, pay attention to what you are doing as assembling drums can be challenging. Again, use bubble wrapping to protect the individual pieces. Place each piece into one box and use padding to prevent movement. Seal the boxes with tape. Label the boxes so you and movers will know what is inside.  

set of red drums
Disassemble your drums first when packing them.

Guitar and Violin 

The last things we’ll take a look at when it comes to packing and moving musical instruments are guitar and violin. First, if you own a guitar, you probably have a case for it as well. However, guitar cases might not be the best option when moving. Instead, use a guitar-shaped box. Then, lose the strings so they will not snap during the transit. Remove the guitar strap and other detachable parts. Use bubble wrapping again, and place them in a plastic bag or a box. Do not forget to label the box or bag. As for the guitar, wrap it and place it in the box. The packing violin is similar.

  • Disassemble parts that you can
  • Put your violin in its case and place the case inside the box
  • Use padding inside the box to prevent movement
  • For the bow, use a bow case or PVC pipe