Guide to storing expensive rugs in Washington DC

Storage can be very stressful at times. The fact that you’re using it usually means that you don’t have enough space at your home. That is by itself something that can negatively impact your mood. But because of that, we at Allstate Moving & Storage are here to give you a hand with your storage needs. And in this case, we’ll give you a guide to storing expensive rugs in Washington DC. Here are just some things you should do before storing them.

Clean up before storing expensive rugs in Washington DC

If you really want your carpets and rugs to be safe and sound, then cleaning them up before you store them is a great first step. There’s a lot of damage that can occur if you leave leftover crumbs or dirt on your rugs. And knowing that they are expensive can really be a waste of your money. Our long distance movers Washington DC will always advise you to take care of your rugs before storing them as they cost money and the storage also isn’t cheap. If you clean them properly they will last longer in the unit and it will clear them from any scent that they might have from food. That’s very important because it will not invite rodents and other animals inside your unit. That won’t only save your rugs but also other items you’re storing with them.

Vacuum cleaner
Make sure to clean before storing expensive rugs in Washington DC

Make sure to protect the rugs from insects

When we’re already talking about uninvited guests, it’s worthy to mention insects. Depending on how lucky or unlucky you get they can do more or less damage to your rugs. That’s why it’s important to protect, before storing expensive rugs in Washington DC. You can do so by wrapping plastic or even better other materials that will let the fabric breath around your rugs. That will leave no space for the little monsters to get to your rug and potentially destroy it. Unfortunately, the storage units Washington DC just can’t protect everything from the smallest insects, however, if you do your homework we’re sure everything will go smoothly and with no problems.

Roll the rugs as tight as you can

To perfectly keep your rugs safe and sound you need to roll them up in the most effective manner. Always make sure you roll them up on the right side as you don’t want your fabric to get damaged. Of course, every part of storing should be considered thoughtfully and you need to take care of the rugs as best as you can. That’s why our residential movers will always use materials that won’t damage the rug to tighten them up. Of course, plastic isn’t the worst choice possible, but there are more environmentally and rug-friendly materials to keep them safe with. Ask around your local rug and carpet cleaners or shops about the best options you have. We’re sure they will be helpful and you’ll have the best materials for your rugs.

Man and woman lifting a carpet
Make sure your rugs are properly rolled up

Make sure you pick the right storage unit

When you’re storing anything you want the best place to do so. Especially when it comes to storing expensive rugs in Washington DC, you want to have the cleanest and best space for them. Above all, it’s the best decision to go down and check the facilities yourself. Are there cameras? Is the storage unit climate-controlled? Does your storage facility have a manager and people who look around it to keep it clean and safe? Those are all questions you need to ask before choosing the right place for your rugs. They might not seem important right now, but if you keep your rugs in a wet place, for example, you’ll see the damage on your carpets and rugs in no time.

Take care where you put a rug inside a storage unit

Now that you’ve found the right storage unit for your rugs, it’s time to find the best place for them inside it. The best place to keep them from danger is to have them placed a little higher from the floor level. You absolutely don’t want them laying on the ground open to every potential problem that can occur on the floor. Another placement tip is to keep them rolled up and upright if possible. That won’t only keep your rugs safer but can open up your storage unit for more items. And there’s nothing better than a storage unit that is being used in many different ways. It will save you a lot of money if you know how to use the storage space available.

A storage facility
Place your rugs in the right place inside the storage unit

After storing expensive rugs in Washington DC check up on them from time to time

Your expensive rugs can be important items to you, and that is completely understandable. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your city to the fullest. Take your mind off them for the time being and enjoy the beautiful things that Washington DC has to offer to you. You can check up on the rugs on a weekly or monthly basis. But depending on how confident you are in the storage management the farther from each other should your visits be. Don’t let your rugs control your time, but be attentive and check up on them from time to time.

When you need to store expensive rugs in Washington DC you need to pay extra attention to what you need to do to keep them as safe as possible. That’s why it’s important to follow a guide to make everything easier and safer for you and your rugs. There are really a lot of things you need to do to keep them in the best possible condition, and if you’re ready to do your research and find the best possible storage units, you won’t have to worry about the rugs.