How far in advance should I book movers in Virginia?

Relocation is a timely process that will require a lot of organization. You will have to tackle many different issues and obligations to make everything smooth. However, the best way to ensure a positive relocation experience is to hire a professional moving company in Maryland to aid you with everything you need. Moreover, there are a lot of things you will have to pay close attention to when moving. More importantly, knowing that your moving company will be able to arrive on a moving day and help you is the most important. Losing time can induce high levels of stress which is exactly what you want to avoid when moving. We help you book movers in Virginia on time, so you can focus on other things and not worry about them. In addition, we will discuss why this is an important thing you must do before the move.

Why should you book movers in Virginia in advance?

As we said, moving is a complex process. It will require your utmost attention and patience. However, doing it yourself is not always the best option. Especially when you have a lot of items to move or when those items are heavy or complex to handle. In those scenarios, your best solution is to hire a moving company, like Virginia local movers, to guide you through the process. If this is your first time moving, utilizing the experience of the moving company will be a great way to ensure everything goes according to plan.

four people talking and making planns before they book movers in Virginia
By booking a move in advance you ensure that the moving company will provide the service on a moving day

When hiring a moving company, your best solution is to hire them as soon as possible. Regardless of when the relocation is going to happen. However, some of the factors you should include are:

  • Is it peak moving season?
  • The number of items you have to move
  • The complexity of the relocation process
  • The distance you are moving

Contact your moving company as soon as possible

Regardless if you are moving in 2 weeks, 2 months or a year, you should contact your moving company as soon as possible. Due to the amount of work they have on a yearly basis, this is the best solution. Moreover, by contacting them sooner, you will be able to rest assured that they will arrive at your door on a moving day. Additionally, as you contact the moving company, they will be able to calculate the time you have and provide you with valid information regarding the move. In addition, you will know the time limit to finish everything. More importantly, you can enquire about certain services that you might need during the process like packing, renting a storage unit, like storage Virginia, and other services.

The type of the move also plays a big role in the process

The distance you are moving to will also play a big part in how soon you have to book your movers. For instance, relocation within the city will not require 2-3 months of advanced booking. However, everything outside of the state borders will usually require at least 2 months of prior notice. Additionally, this does not mean that you cannot book movers in Virginia 2 months prior to your inner-city relocation. Basically, the sooner you announce your relocation with the movers, the calmer you will be.

a man handling black plastic containers
The larger the distance you move to – the sooner you have to contact your moving company

You can rest assured that the movers are aware of this relocation and will be there when the time comes. Avoid postponing to contact your moving company regardless of how much time you have. You do not want to have the experience of missing your moving date because you did not call the moving company on time.

Be aware of the peak season when you book movers in Virginia

The peak moving season is something you should always be aware of when moving. This season is usually during the summer when most students relocate in and out of dorms or their homes. Additionally, as summer weather is great, it is expected that this is the time when people move the most. So, if you plan on moving, make sure you avoid peak season. During this period, most moving companies will have a lot of work and little time to squeeze in any other relocation. More importantly, relocation is usually more expensive during this season. The sheer act of contacting your moving company prior to your relocation can ensure you have a team of movers ready for your relocation. In addition, you can also book a move during summer if you contact the moving company on time.

Re-calculate your move before contacting a moving company

In most cases, the items you are moving will play a role in how doable the relocation is. Namely, moving a four-bedroom home is not the same as moving a studio apartment. As we said above, the complexity and number of the items you relocate are also important. Not only will they determine how much manpower and equipment movers need, but they will determine the moving company charges for the relocation.

Packed boxes.
The fragility of your items, as well as their number, will determine how much manpower and equipment the moving company will need

As you could expect, each service will cost you a certain amount of money. Moving your expensive, fragile and complex items will only add up to the cost. However, those items will also require more time to safely handle and transport. That is also something you should think about before contacting your moving company. Calculate how much time you need to prepare everything and work from there.

Careful planning goes a long way

Planning your relocation process is the best way to ensure a positive relocation experience. Therefore, as soon as you learn about your relocation, start planning. Regardless if you are moving in 2 months or a year, you will need a plan. This plan will help you know when to book movers in Virginia so you do not waste time. Everything you do regarding the relocation process should be done in advance. So, calculate how much you have to move and contact your moving company as soon as possible. The best solution is to contact them 2-3 months prior to the relocation. However, if you have less time than that, do it right away!

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