How long does it take to pack a house for a move?

If you’re getting ready to pack a house for a move, wait up! We have some great tips that will help you do it like a pro. Not only you will be able to relocate with ease but you will save a lot of money. Everyone knows how moving can be difficult at times. Still, no one knows how to make it easy. Well, Allstate Moving and Storage knows all about it. Make sure you let us help you move without stress. Thanks to our professional movers, you will move not only stress-free but have a wonderful experience. Anyway, stay with us to learn more about packing.

When is the right time to start packing a house for a move?

When it comes to choosing the right timing, you need to be smart. They say there is no right timing for anything in life. However, we believe that maintaining control over your time is everything. It’s your life after all. Therefore, you should assess when is the right time to start packing according to your moving schedule. After all, if you prepare well, you will be able to speed up the packing process. One thing you should do is see when is the moving date. Once you see that, you can focus on packing.

Manlaying among the moving boxes
Start preparing for your relocation on time!

Preparing for packing a home

As professionals, we managed to estimate how long does packing for relocation lasts. It’s approximately 6-8 weeks which means you should start packing about three or four months prior to your move. If you can afford to set aside that much time in advance, you will definitely alleviate a huge burden off your back. So, if you want to pack a house for a move with ease, consider doing this:

  • Deep clean your house – Deep cleaning is also known as decluttering. Therefore, make sure you clean your house by taking out everything you won’t bring along.
  • Put on one side everything you are getting rid of – Separating belongings is a must when decluttering. That helps you organize better and will help you pack a house for a move easier.
  • Organize a garage sale – If you want to save and earn some money during your moving preparation, this is the way. You can invest that earned money in your relocation.
  • Donate unwanted items – If you don’t feel the need to organize a garage sale, donating might be a better option. Or, you can do both. However, if you can, donate things to someone who needs it.
  • Choose a reliable and licensed moving company – There is no point in packing your boxes if you don’t have someone reliable to help you transport them. Local movers Washington DC are there to step in and help.
  • Get the right packing supplies – A very important task indeed. Don’t save money on packing supplies since you could have more cost than benefit in that case. Don’t risk breaking your boxes for a few bucks saved.

How long does it take to pack a house for a move?

The real answer to how long does it take to pack a house for a move depends on the size of the house. According to that, we can help you estimate how much time you will spend packing each room in the house. Maybe the smartest idea would be to move house like a minimalist. That means you should get rid of everything you don’t need. That will save you both money and time.

Believe it or not, it takes up to 5 days to fully pack only one room in the house. That being said, you will have your answer once you add up all the rooms in your house that need packing. You will pack some items easily while others require special care and dedication. For instance, it will be easier to pack a bedroom than the kitchen. Still, with the right help and good organization, nothing is hard.

Man loading boxes in a van
Make sure you contact professionals to help you move with ease.

So, depending on the size of the house, it can take up to 150 boxes to fully pack everything. This doesn’t include furniture and other items you will be disassembling. If you want to avoid that tedious process of endless packing, we have someone who can help you out. Our professional packing services DC are made for this process.

What to expect and predict when moving house?

Now that you know how to pack a house for a move, you should consider everything else. For instance, you have to double-check with your movers if the schedule you agreed upon still stands. Then, you could check whether you’ll need someplace to keep your belongings before settling in. Our storage Washington DC is available for you. It’s a smart call to keep your belongings in storage while you inspect the house or while renovating. Keep that thought in mind.

Before unpacking and settling into your new community, you should do a complete check of your property. This means doing these things:

  • Inspect your house while it’s still empty
  • Make it child and pet-proof
  • Contact your utility provider to set it up
  • Know where is the fuse box
  • Find a water valve
  • Clean your new house before unpacking
  • Change all your locks
  • Update address and other relevant information
A couple laying on a mattress surrounded by boxes
Enjoy the process of unpacking with your family.

Get ready to unpack and settle in

Now you’ve finally learned how to pack a house for a move. If you’re ready, you can unpack and get ready to settle in. Another thing you should do after moving is getting to know your neighborhood. Therefore, get in touch with your new neighbors and make sure you inspect the area. Also, check where the stores, hospitals, schools, and city hall are. Additionally, check what are the closest routes to school and work. Take a weekend off and check out some local places with your family. And, if you need anything, make sure to contact us so that we can give you a hand. Good luck with everything!

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