How much does it cost to store furniture in Baltimore?

You decided to rent a storage unit. Maybe you are moving and you have more items than you can fit in a new apartment. Or you simply wish to have more space to store your seasonal items. Whatever is the case, you must find the appropriate unit at a fair price. It is not hard but it will take some time and proper research. Therefore, we will help you to store furniture in Baltimore but with a proper price, setup, and packing. Let us find answers together.

Search for a place to store furniture in Baltimore

If you want to find a proper Baltimore storage unit, you must search for it in the same fashion. The best way to do it is to browse online. In a matter of seconds, you’ll find thousands of moving companies offering storage solutions. But you should never pick the first one you find. Give yourself some time to browse your options. Try comparing prices, services, unit types, etc. Most importantly, read reviews. Try to find either positive or negative reviews. This way you’ll rest assured that your investment is safe. After making a choice, pick up the phone and call your movers. It is time to visit your storage unit and inspect it thoroughly. You must be sure that your unit possesses everything you need.

But worry not. Help is on the way. We must advise checking your local movers Baltimore as the best place to find a suitable storage unit. They offer storage units of all shapes and sizes equipped with the latest technologies and surveillance systems. The best price and the best service awaits.

What are your options?

Storage units can be used for more than storing. Usually, most of us use it to store old furniture and seasonal items. But with a proper unit, possibilities are endless. For example, you can rent a sizeable storage unit and use it as another garage. Especially if you find one near your home or work. Then, you can use it to keep up with your hobbies and fun activities. There are many storage units turned into art galleries or workshops. Whatever you desire, it can come true. But be sure to ask your renter about these activities, just to be sure that you are both on the same page.

Corporate storage
Corporate storage might be the solution for you. Keep your archives nice and tidy.

And lastly, you can use your storage for its original purpose. To store everyday items. Disassemble your furniture and pack it nicely until you decide to use it again. Although, keep in mind that you should protect anything you store. Pack properly for storing and avoid damages caused by moisture and humidity.

Anyone can find it useful

Before you decide to store furniture in Baltimore and contact your movers Baltimore to rent one, you must know what is available to you. Therefore, here is the list of most utilized storage unit types and positive sides:

  • Common storage unit – A regular garage-like storage unit, usually right next to the curb. Easily accessible and mostly used for storing furniture.
  • Highly secured storage unit – Any storage unit can be secured with a simple lock, but to have a proper reinforced steel door, a guard on-site, and a 24hr surveillance is priceless. Those units are usually a part of a bigger and more secure complex which can be a bit pricey at times. But if you have extremely valuable belongings to store, make your storage unit safe by picking the best service available.
  • Climate controlled storage unit – This is the best solution if you want to rest assured that your cargo won’t be affected by acts of nature, burglaries, pests, etc. Your cargo is 100% safe by all means. More importantly, they are affordable to anyone.
  • Regular maintenance – Indoor storage unit types have a maintenance crew cleaning daily. It is important to keep the area around your unit clean to prevent all kinds of infestations from occurring.

Quantity, weight, and nature of your cargo matters

Now, when we talk about the price of storing services, there is a vast selection with many different packages. For example, storing a master bedroom or a one-bedroom apartment, you would pay from $220 to $270 per month. Or a studio apartment which is $150 to $250. But there are prices for individual items as well. For $50 you can store a dining table with chairs and a couple of boxes. Of course, bulky and extremely big pieces of furniture are more expensive to store. Most people go for a whole unit rent and store whatever they like. It is the best option for most of us. But, if you want to store a single piece or a couple of boxes only, you’ll be able to. Communicate this with your storage company and do the math before making your decision.

Not all items have to be stored. Save your budget by removing unnecessary hoard.

Also, while moving, keep in mind that not all items should be stored. Inspect your cargo carefully and figure out what to store and what to throw away. Do not hoard and clutter your storage unit straight away. Moreover, it is another great way to save money while moving. The fewer items you store, the less you’ll pay overall. Therefore, declutter and downsize, utilize your moving services Maryland, pack your items for storage, ask your movers to carry your stuff over, and stack it all nicely inside your storage unit. Keep it all nice, clean, and organized. The best way to move and store.

Use your storage space smartly – pack with a plan

As we already mentioned, there is a proper way to prepare items for storage in order to keep them intact and undamaged. Also, with proper packaging, you’ll utilize your storage space much better. Therefore, the best solution is to use similarly sized cardboard boxes, plastic bins, or wooden containers since they can stack more conveniently. Remember to place heavier and more resilient items on the bottom while stacking fragile and lighter items on top. And use a palate or planks for a solid foundation. Finally, cover everything with a blanket, sheet, or a tarp.

Repeat the same process if you want to store furniture in Baltimore as well. Also, do not forget to label everything for better coordination through your box system. Do not worry though, all those items can be obtained at the nearest hardware store for around $100. Invest and stay safe.

Store furniture in Baltimore storage units but remember to keep it clean

No matter what you store, your storage unit must keep up with the hygiene. You should clean your storage each time you visit. A quick run-through with a broom, vacuum cleaner, or a duster, and you are good. Add an air freshener and make a draft and let the fresh air in once in a while. As a final touch, place a few mouse traps or rodent repellants just in case. An easy 10 minute cleaning each time you visit will keep mold, pests, dust, and other garbage at bay.

Store furniture in Baltimore but keep your storage unit clean
Everyday cleaning products and 10 minutes of your time are all you need to keep your unit clean.

And simple as that, now you know how to store furniture in Baltimore. You know more about unit types, prices, storing preparations, and storage hygiene. There is no doubt that with a bit of patience and proper research, you’ll find the best one for you. Good luck.

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