How much does it cost to store furniture in Washington?

Storage is perfect for several reasons. For example, when you need to move, you can store your furniture in a storage unit. Then, you are moving out of the country for work, scholarship, pleasure, etc. If you want to terminate your rental agreement, you need to move out of your items. For this reason, rent a storage unit. When you want to downsize or declutter your home, a storage unit is again perfect for the occasion. However, renting a storage unit is not free. You can find affordable storage units from Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland. Still, you should know the average cost when you want to store furniture in Washington.  

blue storage units
Before renting a storage unit, see how much they cost

The average cost for self-storage  

Self-storage is probably the most popular option. The price of renting a self-storage depends on their size 

  • 5-by-5-foot unit – $40-$50 per month 
  • 10-by-15-foot unit – $75-$140 per month 
  • 10-by-20-foot unit – $95-$155 per month 
  • 20-by-20-foot unit – $225 per month 
  • A climate-controlled 10-by-15-foot unit – 115-$150 per month 
  • A climate-controlled 10-by-20-foot unit – $170-$180 per month 

Mind you, these prices are not set in stone. You need to contact long distance movers Washington DC. They will be able to tell you the exact price of their storage units. In addition to this, the cost of a storage unit depends on its size. Therefore, make sure not to rent storage that is either too small or too big. In the first scenario, your furniture might be in danger. In the second scenario, you will pay for the space you are not using. 

Portable storage when you need to store furniture in Washington 

Portable storage also has its advantages. You can skip hauling your items to a storage unit. Instead, the company delivers a portable container to your front yard. Then, you can either leave the container at your place or have the company transport it to their facility. However, this option can be expensive. Storage rates are between $100 and $200 per month, again depending on the size. In addition to this, you can use a portable container to move your furniture. This option will cost between $2,000 and $4,000 to ship. For this reason, make sure you prepare your moving budget. Disassemble your furniture to save space, thus money as well. This is quite convenient if you want to save some time, especially if you do not have any other option. 

pile of colorful containers
You can also rent portable containers to store your furniture

Other options when you want to store furniture  

First, you have a portable shed. It is perfect when you need to store furniture for a short period of time. You can rent one with or without a floor. The price will depend on this as well. In any case, protect your items well. Then, there are inexpensive options for storing your furniture. For example, use your garage or basement. You can also ask your friends and family to lend you their garage and basement.  Again, pack your furniture properly as you cannot control the temperature in these rooms.