How to adjust after moving to a colder climate

Relocating doesn’t just mean changing your home address. You will also change your neighbors, friends, job place, and maybe even climate. Cross country moving often includes changing climates, which includes adapting your habits to a new situation. The packing and move itself will be different and a little more difficult. However, you will be in good hands with moving services Baltimore. When you go from a hot climate to the colder one, it means different weather than the one you are used to. Warm, sunny days will be replaced with dry weather, cold air, and low temperature. All of these can affect your health, which can already be compromised from the move. The first guest in your new house shouldn’t be the influenza virus. Here a few tips on how to adjust after moving to a colder climate. 

Preparing your new home will help you adjust after moving to a colder climate 

It’s true that movers Ellicott City MD will help you get your items to your new house easily. However, everything afterward depends on you. Before you start unpacking boxes, check your window and door for possible drafts and install adequate protection like weatherstripping or foam tape. Also, check if your new attic has the proper insulation. Set adequate heat sources that don’t spend much power. 

As you prepare the interior of the new house, your outdoors will also need attention. First, drain and store your garden hoses so they don’t freeze when the temperature drops. You should turn off the water in the outdoor faucets and the remaining water should be drained. After this, you must clean gutters from leaves and debris. If you think you have missed something, ask your new neighbors for advice. This can also help you to befriend your new neighbors after a move. 

street covered in snow
Prepare your house for the cold temperatures

Prepare your wardrobe and your health for colder climate 

If you are moving from a warmer climate, the first thing on your list should be the new wardrobe. A good tip for cold weather is to layer your clothes. It’s easier to take some layer off than to freeze and get sick. Make sure to dress properly when movers in Maryland come to pick your things. Clothes you should buy for a colder climate are the following. 

  • wool socks 
  • sweaters 
  • thermal underclothes 
  • pair of insulated boots 
  • a winter coat 
  • snow pants 
  • warm gloves 
  • a scarf 

After gathering up your winter clothes, now you should boost your immunity. Eating healthy and staying active is the key to good immunity. Eat as many as possible vegetables and fruits for every meal and drink warm tea with honey and lemon. Set a gym in your new home and be active at least 3 times a week. 

dog in the snow
The entire family, including dogs, should wear warm clothes

Driving and transportation in new different weather conditions 

Preparing your car will also help you to adjust after moving to a colder climate. Consider changing your tires with the snow tires. Buy antifreeze so your vehicle’s radiator water won’t freeze. In addition to this, use windshield-washer fluid. In your truck, you should always have a warm blanket, first-aid kit, tire chains, and a shovel. Accidents are more frequent in the winter. Therefore, it’s better always be prepared.