How to ask friends to help you move to Virginia

You are organizing a moving project and as do we all, you need a helping hand. Maybe you want to save some money, or you simply can’t trust your movers completely. Understandably, you want a friendly face involved. It will make everything more convenient and comfortable if a friend or a family member help you with your move to Virginia. Therefore, let us advise on how to approach the situation and ask your friends to join you on this journey.

Do not wait too long before you ask your friends for help

The moment you realize that you are moving, think about the moving date and who will help you with it. You must contact your Virginia local movers on time and check on availability. It is important to have skilled and experienced movers by your side. But in the same fashion, you should contact your friends and figure out who is willing to assist with your move to Virginia. They also have busy lives and a lot of things going on. If you do not call them on time you might find very few that have any space in their schedule for your moving project. Not to mention that moving is boring, tiresome, and time-consuming. And some of your friends would rather do something else than haul boxes all day.

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Your friends won’t say no if you notify them on time. Think about their schedule.

Make your move to Virginia simple and organized

Since you are involving your friends in your moving process, you must assign tasks and keep them all organized. You will assemble a moving checklist, inventory list to keep packing organized, and list with moving tasks. The last one is for your friends and any other helpers you enlisted into your ranks. Therefore, let us list down a few things you should consider:

  • List down all the tasks that you think your friends can cover without any obstructions. Keep in mind that not all of them want to lift heavy furniture and boxes. Some might be there to assist in different ways. But whoever is willing to cover the whole process, let them do it. But be sure that everyone is safe because lifting without knowing how to do it can be dangerous.
  • Your friends that are not comfortable with heavy lifting can help you pack or clean. Or even taking out the garbage, running errands. Any task completed will save you valuable time and make the whole process smoother.
  • You should create a labeling system that will point out the content of your moving boxes. Maybe even a coloring label system that matches a box with the room it belongs to. This will make everything much easier for your helpers.
  • Be patient and answer all questions. Keep in mind that your friends are here for you. It is not a relocation of their own and without a morale boost, they might lose interest and get bored and tired quickly.

Value everyone’s time

Your friend’s time is valuable. Remember that while organizing and expecting them to visit and help with your move to Virginia. You do not want them coming over and waiting for an hour before they can lift a finger. Or if you agreed that they’ll help you pack, you must have all the materials gathered and ready. Act responsibly and value everyone’s time. But in case you lose your valuable time and get caught up with unforeseen circumstances think about utilizing moving services Baltimore. It is a great way to cover any of the moving stages, cheap and safe. You can purchase all the packing materials from your moving company, or even have them cover the packing process completely.

Also, if you have more furniture than you can handle. Or you do not have enough space for all of it in your new apartment, you should think of renting one of the storage units Virginia. An amazing solution for such a messy situation. Moreover, there are all kinds of moving services you can purchase from your movers. These were only examples that can make everything more complicated.

Show your friends that you appreciate them helping with your move to Virginia

You must show gratitude for the help you received from your friends. You will be an amazing friend and a good neighbor on a moving day. And the way to do it is to simply say “Thank you”. Also, you should let them take enough breaks to relax and regain their strength. And in the end, you can treat them in a way you see fit. We will explain that part further down the line.

A hand holding a small brown package
Find a way to show gratitude and say thanks to your awesome friends.

Bring out food and beverages.

Yes, the proper way to say thanks is to treat them with food and beverages. It is only the beginning. You should keep everyone well-fed and hydrated throughout the whole process. Be a good host and think about the well-being of your friends and movers. The easiest way to cover this part is to simply order a pizza and a few sodas. But, you can invest a bit more and make sandwiches for everyone. Also, prepare a variety of cooling beverages in the fridge as well as bottled water. Whatever suits you best but be sure to cover this part. It will boost the morale, refresh your moving crew, and keep the energies up. Everyone is much happier after a great meal and a cool drink.

Your friends helped you with your move to Virginia. Treat them well.
You are a great host for treating your helpers adequately.

Celebrate a job well done!

Hopefully, your friends are old enough so you can go out and celebrate after a job well done. Take them to the nearest restaurant or a bar and have a few. Or you can open a six-pack and a bottle of wine at home. Maybe even go to a club or to see a good movie. Whichever way you go, it can be a nice gesture and you’ll show how appreciative you are for their assistance.

And that was it, a simple guide on how to ask friends to help you move to Virginia and how to handle the whole situation. It won’t be hard at all if you organize everything on time and call your friends in advance. We are sure that there is at least one that will happily attend. The rest will have to attend anyway because that is what real friends do. Good luck and have fun while relocating!

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