How to avoid a bad moving experience?

It is not a secret that moving is difficult. Everybody who has done it will agree with this. No matter if you are moving locally or long-distance or with the help of friends or professional movers, bad things happen. During a hectic and stressful time like moving, mistakes often find a place to appear in. And these mistakes lead to a bad experience, that no one wants. Your best way to avoid this is to hire Allstate Moving and Storage. Before starting to look for reputable moving help, we recommend being on the lookout for red flags. Doing this will help you avoid a bad moving experience.

What are the red flags that will help you avoid a bad moving experience?

When you want to hire some local movers Washington DC, you need to pay good attention to every detail. Moving is a significant moment in your life, and you should try to avoid a bad moving experience by:

  • Looking at the online reputation
  • Staying away from suspicious estimates
  • Follow your gut but pay attention to the details

Looking at the online reputation

Nowadays, the online reputation of a certain business will make or break its future. Whatever we look for, we will first try to find it online. If a business has a bad reputation among customers, the chances are low that you should hire them. But even a good online reputation can be fake in some cases because people can make fake accounts to leave positive reviews. With enough research, you will spot a company that uses these means to boost its online reputation.

Woman browsing on her phone
An online reputation is a good indicator of the quality of a certain business

Staying away from suspicious estimates when trying to avoid a bad moving experience

Trying to save money is a great thing to do, but falling for low moving estimates can leave you with a bad experience. A suspiciously low-moving estimate should instantly ring an alarm. If you have received estimates from a few moving companies, and one is significantly lower, the chances are that they are either scammers or very unprofessional at what they do. In both cases, you are better off without them. But if you want to hire movers and save money, we recommend our long distance movers Washington DC. They offer high-quality services for an affordable price.

Follow your gut and pay attention to the details

Even though you might not believe in this, your gut is almost always right. If you have a bad feeling about something, it will most likely turn out bad. Combined with some of the other red flags, you have yourself an answer. Apart from this, small details can also be the missing pieces to the puzzle. If there is no advertisement for the moving van, you should give it a thought. In an industry with some much competition, even the best storage units Washington DC wouldn’t miss an opportunity to advertise themselves.

Woman paying attention to details in order to avoid a bad moving experience
Always trust your gut.


When trying to avoid a bad moving experience, you need to pay attention to everything. Truth be told, sometimes asking friends for help can make the moving experience better than hiring some bad movers. We wish you good luck and a good experience!