How to be more independent after moving to DC?

If you have decided to move to DC, congratulations! This city is steeped in history and is one of the best for people who want to discover something new wherever they step. Before the move, you have probably done your research and have chosen one of the best moving companies, such as Allstate Moving and Storage, to help you with your relocation. If so, now you are probably enjoying your new life and starting to discover many things that DC has to offer. However, each relocation can be a lot to process and it is a great change, especially if you are moving alone and for the first time. You may feel a little like you don’t belong there at the beginning. Don’t worry, with our advice, you will learn how to be more independent after moving to DC.

The first step to being independent is to plan your budget

If you want to be independent, no matter where you move, you have to have your budget planned. First of all, you need to know that DC is not one of the most affordable places to live in the USA. Furthermore, the only place that is more expensive is Hawaii. So, you need to have a good salary to be able to live in DC, especially if you want to be more independent. If you are coming from a smaller town or another state, you may not be accustomed to the costs of living in DC.

Washington Monument
You can be more independent after moving to DC

So, before you contact long distance movers Washington DC, find out as much as you can about the cost of living. So, the median housing costs in DC are $1,573 to $2,569 per month. If we want to speak in terms of one year, housing and utility costs would be $11,355. That means that the average monthly cost of utilities is $246. If we have in mind what utilities go under this amount, that isn’t so expensive. If we think about other costs, utilities are among the most affordable ones. Overall, the cost of living in DC is 39% higher than the national average, while utility costs are 3% lower. For example, an average household needs to pay:

  • $89 for electricity,
  • $26 for water,
  • around $43 for the internet and the cable,
  • and $88 for gas.

If you want to be more independent after moving to DC, rent a place alone

When you want to be more independent, it means that you should start living alone after your move to DC. Of course, for all the reasons we have mentioned before, that is the living costs, it may not be that easy. Namely, if you want to rent a place with one bedroom, you will have to pay $1,607 a month. For a studio, the median price would be $1,573.  If you want to be more independent, that means you will have to care for all the important things alone. That is why planning a budget is crucial if you want to live in DC.

A woman carrying packed stuff
Rent a place for living alone if you want to be more independent

You can reduce some cost of living in DC by renting a storage unit

If you want to live in DC independently, that means you will probably have a lot of things. Apart from downsizing before you even move, one of the best and the most affordable solutions is to rent one of the storage units Washington DC and have some of your items kept there. First of all, you will save a lot of space. This means you will probably have to rent a smaller place of residence, which means it will be cheaper. The price of the storage unit depends on its size, but they are more affordable than renting a two-bedroom apartment just to have somewhere to keep your things. Some smaller units can even cost less than $2o a month.

Learn about the best means of transport in DC

Another important thing when you want to be more independent after moving to DC is to know how to travel around and get from one place to another. That is why you need to know more about the transportation options you have in DC. First of all, the best way to avoid traffic jams and to safely get to the place you want is to use the public transportation system. You can use Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to find out everything about Metrorail and Metrobus services. Metrobus offers you more options because there are some areas of DC that the Metrorail can’t reach. You also need to have in mind that you can use this means of transport only until midnight, so take using a taxi into consideration. If you want to be independent in DC, doing whatever you want shouldn’t depend on the transport.

A bike next to a wall
You can use a bike as a mean of transport in DC

Of course, these are not the only ways you can get around Washington DC. If you would like to stay fit, you can always use a bike. Having one of your means you would be more independent, but you can always rent a bike if you want to run some errands or just spend a day in nature. Speaking of nature, breathing in some fresh air can never be a bad idea. So, whenever you can and have time, walk. There are many sidewalks and areas for pedestrians in DC, so that is not an issue.

How to be independent if you are a student?

If you think that being a student can stop you from being independent in DC as a student, that shouldn’t concern you. You can do all the mentioned tips for being independent even if you are studying. One difference can be the fact that you may not be able to rent an apartment alone, but everything else is doable. If you still have some doubts, there is a guide to moving to DC as a student that can help you prepare and be more independent when you get there.

DC is the right place to be independent in

There are many ways to be more independent after moving to DC. Start doing things from our list one by one. Have in mind that nothing comes overnight and it is a process you have to be patient with. Once you get comfortable with living independently, you will love every second of your life in DC.

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