How to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

Bunk beds are a great space saver and kids love them! Remember when you were a kid. Surely that you and your brother or friend were fighting to be the one who sleeps on the top bunk. But not only kids, students dorms, hostels and people with small apartments are loving this bed. Almost everything is amazing about this bed. But, yes, almost. The only bad thing is it’s hard to move and relocate. Are you in a situation that you have to move and pack a bunk bed? We know it looks like mission impossible, and certainly, you can’t move bed like that. You need to disassemble all the parts. And obviously, you’ll need some help with that. Even if it may be complicated, we’ll show you some steps to help you deal with this problem during relocation. Just follow these steps and move a bunk bed to your new room with a smile!  

pack a bunk bed into a moving truck
Sometimes, because of heavy weight, it’s impossible to pack a bunk bed and relocate it by yourself. The professional moving company will ease your job.

Clear the room before you start to pack a bunk bed. 

Moving a regular bed is complicated and require space, but moving and pack a bunk bed requires a lot more space. So before you start, store away all the furniture and things from your room and leave only a bunk bed. Just clear out the room from everything that may disturb you while you’re working. If you have boxes for moving put them away and leave an only plastic bag for small parts. Because removing heavy parts can hurt you, make sure you don’t work alone. Call a friend or someone from your family to help you. Prepare adequate clothes for working and if you need free space or professional help, moving services Baltimore will be there to do the job. 

pack a bunk bed matress
It may be obvious, but many people are still doing things wrong. Make sure you remove all pillows and the mattresses before you start to disassemble bunk bed.

Remove the mattresses

Don’t try to pack a bunk bed with the mattresses. Before you start with a frame, lose the mattresses and ask someone to help you wrap them in moving blankets or plastic wrappers, so they can be protected from dirt and dust. Of course, when you wrap them, don’t leave them in the same room, put them away or load a truck/car. If you hire movers, they will take it away and load it on the side of a moving truck or portable storage depends on your wish. If you’re moving by yourself, just pack the mattress separately and wrap them since they take a lot of space.

several bunk beds
Preparing bunk beds for transport can be quite a trouble! So either call in a friend or consider hiring some highly skilled professionals to take that moving stress off you!

Disassemble bunk bed

Bunk beds are heavy and awkward to move, no way around it. Therefore, that is why it gets essential to do it right. Take it apart and prepare it for the move. Goes without question that you need to dismantle it. But that is a win-win situation, that a step towards how to prepare your relocation budget. Saving it by doing things yourself.  Now, this is a time to wrap up your mattress in plastic. This keeps dirt away, and doing it know ensures that you do not forget about it later on.  Moreover, with all items like this get a plastic bag to keep the screws so no missing screw appear later and cause more trouble. A quick reminder is to keep all your tools in one place. This provides safety and easily accessible tools for efficient work. Wrap up a ladder before placing it near the moving truck alongside the mattress.  

Pick the small pieces and place them in one bag.

You can’t just pick the whole bunk bed and take it outside. Before you pack a bunk bed, you need to disassemble whatever you can. The great thing is that most of the bunk beds will allow you to separate both and bottom part. You get them apart and start with one first. If this seems difficult and stressful to you, call a professional moving company to help you. But if you decide to do it alone, beware of injuries.  Besides heavy parts, be careful with small parts and pieces. This is a way how to protect your furniture when moving. Use one plastic bag and put small part like the screws, bolts and other parts into it. You can label the box and when you come to your new home you will be able to find them and reassemble the beds again easily.  

worker disasembling furniture
It takes a lot of time and energy to disassemble a bunk bed, but DIY tutorials and a few friends can help you deal with it.

Hire a professional moving company to help you with relocation.

Well, if you did try to deal with relocating bunk bed and you are not a handy person and good with tools, you have a solution to call professional movers. Professional not just provide expertize and much needed advice through this major life event. Moreover, professionals will move and pack a bunk bed easily. So, if you decide that you won’t be able to move a bunk bed, hire Moving companies Anne Arundel country MD and your troubles will end. Movers ensure that your stress is off your shoulders for a price.