How to disassemble and pack furniture

Moving is difficult. There is no doubt. You need to take care of so many things. From finding residential movers Baltimore to organizing everything, packing, and so on. The moving gets even more hectic when you need to pack. Moving large and heavy pieces of furniture is impossible unless you disassemble them. For this reason, this is how you should disassemble and pack furniture for your move or for storage. 

Get help

It is hard to disassemble and pack furniture by yourself. If you do not have relevant experience, it is better to stay away. The reason is quite simple – you can do more harm than good. You can damage furniture and injure yourself. For this reason, it is better to hire professionals like movers Howard County MD. However, do not trust every moving company. You need to check them thoroughly before hiring one. This can be achieved by reading through reviews from previous customers. In addition to this, make sure to call each company to ask about their services. Usually, packing services are not included in the standard moving fees. To avoid being unpleasantly surprised when you receive the bill, ask in advance. 

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Find your moving company to help you with packing

Make a plan to disassemble and pack furniture 

You cannot start this huge feat without a proper planFor this reason, you need to do an inventory of your large furniture to decide whether they are worth moving. After you make this decision, you need to make yet another plan. It would be smart to disassemble and pack furniture one room at the time. This way you will not get parts and small pieces mixed up, and you will avoid losing some of them in the process. So, in order to stay organized and on the track, have a solid plan prepared before you start to pack.  

You will need packing supplies 

In order to disassemble and pack furniture, you need to get appropriate packing supplies. Your furniture will be in danger of damages if you do not protect them properly. For this reason, you get the best packing supplies you can. These include the following items. 

  • Moving boxes – get as many moving boxes as you need, in various shapes and sizes so you can pack the disassembled pieces inside.  
  • Tape – do not forget to seal the boxes. 
  • Covers – you can somewhat creative with protective covers. You can buy plastic ones or you can use an old sheet, clothes, blankets, and so on.  
  • Plastic bags – to put screws and bolts inside. 
  • Labels – so you can write down the name of the furniture so you will know where those screws and bolts came from. 
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Get packing supplies

Disassemble and pack furniture 

You will need more things when you want to disassemble furniture apart from packing supplies. These are tools naturally. Since this task takes time, do not start disassembling your furniture a couple of days before the move. This especially applies if you have too many large pieces of furniture. You need to give yourself time to slowly disassemble them, otherwise, you might damage something. For this reason, start at least two or three weeks in advance depending on how much stuff you have. 

Consider getting more help 

If you want to disassemble and pack furniture on your own without hiring professional packers, you should ask your friends and family to help you. It is hard to do this task since it involves lifting and carrying heavy items. You can easily injure yourself or furniture in the process. For this reason, have a couple of friends to help you. They can hold a bed frame while you unscrew bolts. In addition to this, they can even hold the pieces while you wrap them in protective covers. You can later treat them with some delicious meals and drinks at your housewarming party.  

Get instructions for disassembling furniture 

Unless you are a professional packer, you need to look up tutorials on how to disassemble furniture. You can either find their original manuals and follow those or find one on YouTube. Thankfully, there are videos on basically everything on YouTube, explained in great details, so you will not get lost. In addition to this, one of your friends may already know what to do, so you can just follow their lead. Whatever the case might be, just make sure to read or watch manuals/tutorials before starting the job. Otherwise, you can damage or break something. 

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Read manuals on how to disassemble furniture

Make sure to have enough space 

Before disassembling furniture, make sure to have enough space for this task. You can achieve this by packing everything else in the room. This way you will not break something by accident since there will be enough space to work in. In addition to this, you can trip over some boxes and fall thus possibly injuring yourself. For this reason, keep your working space organized and clean. Then, you will neither lose or damage anything. 

Find a storage facility for your furniture 

Sometimes when you are moving, your new house might not be ready for the move in just yet. In addition to this, you might not want to overstuff your new house with dozens of boxes. For this reason, you should find a good storage facility for your furniture. You can ask your moving company if they offer storage services or if they can recommend a company to you. This way, you already have your furniture packed properly for storing. You just need to put it inside the unit and pick it when you need it. This will give you enough time unpack and organize your new home slowly without stressing too much. 

How to disassemble and pack furniture – conclusion

As you can see, these are all the important steps to take when disassembling and packing furniture. Make sure to have proper packing supplies, tools for this job, and help form the friends and family. 

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