How to explore your new neighborhood

Congratulations on successfully finishing your relocation. Residential movers Baltimore must have taken good care of you, and your move shouldn’t have been that stressful. However it went, it is finally over, and you get to put your anchor down and enjoy your new neighborhood. But, how could you start enjoying it without going to explore your new neighborhood?

There are so many things to see, restaurants and shops to visit and people to meet. If you are going to settle down and get comfortable with the landscape you need to take some time in investigating it in detail.

So, how do you explore your new neighborhood? There are several ways to do it, but the most quality way is to go head on. This is at least how I do it every single time. Simply, put your favorite shoes on and start roaming around, whenever free time permits.

If by any chance you do not have free time you could always hope to meet the right person that could fill you in on what’s good, effectively allowing you to skip the time needed to explore your new neighborhood yourself.

Explore your new neighborhood – how to begin?

The only problem in this fun activity would be if you are trying to set deadlines for yourself. There are some people that, no matter what they do in life, need to finish everything super effective. This task should not be addressed with this type of mantra.

The best thing you could do when you wish to explore your new neighborhood is to take your sweet time doing it. Possibly even setting aside one hour per day (more or less, depending on the size of the neighborhood).

The most fun to have while you explore your new neighborhood is to do it on foot.
Find the best place to leave your cars, and start walking.

There are, generally speaking, two ways you could achieve this: on foot or by car.

Doing it by car is far less effective because you cannot really go around at a speed of 3 miles per hour. You will probably force people to use their horns against you. So, if you wish to avoid blocking all traffic and yet seeing everything you are supposed to see, you should proceed on foot, if possible of course.

Start by walking around

It doesn’t have to be a long walk, and you don’t have to walk all afternoon. In the afternoon, after your work, is probably the best time to do it. It’s still going to have daylight, so you will be able to see plenty, and yet the end of the day will force you to return home and timebox your adventure. Walking around is possibly the best way to get to explore your new neighborhood.

Be curious and be an explorer. Greet people around you and who knows, maybe you’ll fall into a pleasant conversation.

You don't need to make yourself uncomfortable when you go exploring. So if you feel hungry or thirsty, make a break from exploration.
Explore your surroundings while you find it pleasant, but if you feel tired feel free to treat yourself with a respite.

If you see a shop or a restaurant that would seem interesting feel free to explore it. Treat yourself to a drink or lunch.

Sit inside, observe and absorb the energy around you. You might love it, or utterly dislike it, either way, you will get some valuable knowledge. So, you will find a place you wish to return to or a place you never wish to return to. You can maybe avoid the latter by checking out the reviews on Yelp.

Still, depending on the size of the neighborhood, it is going to take much more time to explore potential new corners that you will enjoy. Still, don’t overdo it. Usually, an hour and a half are good enough for you to have a healthy walk and explore a few places. Extra points if you end up meeting someone!

Speaking of meeting someone…

Throughout your exploration adventure, if you are a social person, you should strive to meet new people. This is a very important part of exploring your new neighborhood because each neighborhood has its own secrets. These secrets are usually well known by people who live there.

This does not mean you need to chase people around in an attempt to start something that could only be a very awkward conversation. Start a conversation if it feels unforced and natural.

This will make it highly comfortable for both you and the people you are going to talk to. Once you do start meeting people you will start learning about parts of the neighborhood that could be of high interest to you. This makes it easier if you have something or someone with you that pursues a specific theme. For instance, if you are a dog owner you will most likely search for places that are dog-friendly.

Walking pets is a great way to make friends both for them as for yourself.
Take your pets out for a walk and it’s almost guaranteed that you will meet someone doing the same.

For instance, large parks or walking trails. On these, you will easily meet other dog owners who share interests with you. Whilst walking a dog, starting a conversation with another dog owner is the most comfortable and relaxed way to ease into a small chat.

Likewise, if you have children, getting to talk to other parents while your kids play together is as natural as it gets. This way you will not only meet new people, and potential future friends, but also learn about the land you have inhabited. You will find out about places to take your dog to, or playgrounds to take your kids to.

How to explore your new neighborhood – a cool trick

One thing people rarely think about is having a short conversation with your local movers MD. These people are very well acquainted with the nearby neighborhoods and will have a lot of information to part with. Starting a conversation with them should be as natural as it gets since you are basically spending a lot of time shoulder to shoulder with them.

A small talk where they point out a cool restaurant or a park could be valuable to you.

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